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Citation Mustang

Welcoming the Citation Mustang to Our Fleet

Autumn brings changing foliage and Luxwing’s latest acquisition, the Citation Mustang. This sleek, high-performance plane symbolizes our dedication to provide an unmatched travel experience.

The Citation Mustang represents aeronautical innovation. Its cutting-edge technologies and lavish amenities will change how consumers view air travel. From its cutting-edge avionics to its painstakingly designed interiors, we’re excited to introduce a new era of sophistication and comfort.

We’ll examine the Citation Mustang’s performance and thoughtful design to meet our discriminating customers’ needs in this section. The Citation Mustang is ready to transport passengers in luxury and grace this fall.

Taking Flight: Unveiling 9H-RZZ

Aviation registrations are more than simply characters—they tell a story. Join us as we discover the meaning of 9H-RZZ, our newest Citation Mustang registration.

Registration assignment is more complicated. From regulatory needs to distinctiveness, every step makes each aircraft unique. We’ll explain the registration process and the rigorous factors that go into choosing our aircraft’s alphanumeric code.

You’ll learn about aircraft registrations’ fascinating history as we explain 9H-RZZ. It’s a badge of excellence and aviation standards, not just a label. Celebrate 9H-RZZ’s unique contributions to Luxwing.

Dash8Q400: A New Addition Takes Flight

Luxwing’s second Dash8Q400 joined our fleet last week, marking a milestone. Beyond being a new addition, this aircraft represents our commitment to increasing our charter operations and offering our guests a variety of travel options.

More than a vehicle, the Dash8Q400 represents our commitment to efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. This section discusses the Dash8Q400’s charter appeal, from fuel efficiency to cabin space.

The Dash8Q400 will look different in Malta. The approaching painting process shows our attention to detail and dedication to displaying our fleet in the best light. See our December unveiling of a freshly painted Dash8Q400 ready for charter operations.

The Canvas of Progress: Painting the Skies in Malta

Aviation combines beauty and usefulness. Our Dash8Q400’s Malta painting will demonstrate our devotion to making it a work of beauty in the sky.

Malta was chosen for painting for a reason. It honors the island’s history and workmanship. This section will reveal the rigorous steps and experienced artisans who bring our vision to life in the aircraft painting process.

From choosing the right colors to guaranteeing paint longevity at different temperatures, every painting decision shows our commitment to excellence. Join us as we turn our Dash8Q400 into a flying marvel to wow passersby.

9H-LWB: Unraveling Registration Mystique

Our new Dash8Q400, 9H-LWB, has a mystique like other aircraft registrations. Aircraft registrations, their function in aviation, and 9H-LWB’s unique story will be discussed in this section.

Registrations require a precise mix between compliance and identity creation. From the alphanumeric combination to the letters, everything affects the aircraft’s character. We’ll explain registration assignment and our fleet’s codes.

As we reveal 9H-LWB’s mystery, you’ll appreciate our aircraft’s careful naming. It’s a badge of honor that represents our commitment to safety, quality, and a smooth travel experience for our passengers.

Luxwing’s Big Move: A Bigger Office

Moving to a larger office is a smart step to improve our team’s and passengers’ experience. Luxwing’s transfer into a larger office and its effects on operations will be discussed in this section.

We moved because we value growth and efficiency. A larger office location allows us to add state-of-the-art facilities and accommodate our growing crew. Take a virtual tour of our new workspace, geared for collaboration, communication, and customer pleasure.

We’ll highlight what makes our larger office more than a workplace when we settle in. It’s where ideas fly and where we prepare to serve our passengers well. Luxwing’s new workplace showcases our commitment to constant development, from communication to workflow.

The Heart of Operations: Luxwing’s New Office

Offices are the center of business, not just a building. This section will discuss Luxwing’s new office’s key characteristics and how it acts as our team’s hub and helps passengers have a smooth ride.

The design of our new office promotes cooperation, innovation, and efficiency, not just space. Join us as we discuss the design ideas that created a workspace that reflects our greatness. From open collaboration rooms to client-facing sections, our new workplace is purposefully built.

This new office houses Luxwing’s activities. The technology and infrastructure that help our team provide excellent service will be shown. Luxwing’s new office shows our dedication to innovation and client pleasure as we embrace the future of air travel.

Fall Flying: Enjoying the Magical Season

The leaves change and the air gets crisp, making fall a lovely travel season. This section invites you to embrace the Magical fall and discover its unique opportunities for pilots.

The fall season is a colorful canvas ready to be explored. We’ll show you the best fall destinations, each with its unique beauty, culture, and charm. Fall offers a pleasant or adventurous getaway for any traveler.

From New England’s vivid scenery to Tuscany’s picturesque vineyards, we’ll show our guests’ different and breathtaking experiences this fall. Luxwing is ready to make your fall trip a celebration of nature’s magnificence.

Fall Escape: Tips for Memorable Adventures

Fall vacation planning involves thought and skill. This section contains our fall vacation planning advice. From packing essentials to choosing locations, we can help.

A great fall excursion requires recognizing the season’s particular traits. Layering and packing for different climates will be stressed in our clothing advice. Our advice will prepare you for fall’s unique experiences, whether you’re leaf-peeping or eating.

We’ll discuss fall travel’s cultural and culinary highlights beyond practical advice. Fall offers many adventures, from harvest festivities to seasonal delicacies. Join us as we guide you through a fall getaway that will leave you with lasting memories and a profound appreciation for the season.

Leaving Fall: Reflecting on Its Beauty

Fall’s beauty and memories should be remembered as it ends. Our final piece will thank you for the trip and discuss fall travel’s attractiveness.

As we transition from autumn’s vivid hues to winter’s snug comforts, we’ll cherish our guests’ experiences. Fall travel with Luxwing celebrates the season’s distinctive experiences, from spectacular flights over autumn landscapes to pleasant evenings in attractive locales.

As autumn ends, we look forward to more adventures and memories with our passengers. Join us in thanking the season for its beauty and sharing it with Luxwing travelers.

Skybound Innovations: Citation Mustang Technological Wonders

The Citation Mustang is a technological breakthrough that elevates Luxwing. Technical information of the Citation Mustang’s features will be covered here.

The Citation Mustang’s modern avionics are its main draw. Our passengers enjoy a smooth, precise flight with this aircraft’s newest navigation, communication, and autopilot technologies. We’ll examine how these innovations improve travel efficiency, safety, and comfort.

The Citation Mustang has cutting-edge materials and manufacturing methods in addition to its avionics. Performance and fuel efficiency are considered in every area of the aircraft, from its aerodynamic fuselage to its lightweight, durable parts. This section describes the engineering feats that make the Citation Mustang an aviation icon.

The Citation Mustang’s cabin blends luxury and technology. Enjoy in-flight entertainment, superior climate control, and connectivity to the world below. These characteristics make the journey an experience, whether for business or pleasure.

As we examine the Citation Mustang’s technology, it becomes clear that Luxwing’s commitment to provide a cutting-edge and unmatched travel experience is evident.

Luxwing’s Sustainability: The Eco-Friendly Dash8Q400

We chose the Dash8Q400 for our fleet because Luxwing supports sustainability. The Dash8Q400’s eco-friendly features will be examined in detail in this section.

Fuel efficiency distinguishes the Dash8Q400. We’ll explore novel fuel-saving technology and design approaches that cut operational costs and carbon emissions. As environmental responsibility becomes more important in air travel, Luxwing proudly adopts environmentally friendly aircraft.

The Dash8Q400’s decreased noise and pollution levels underline its eco-friendliness. The engineering techniques used to reduce environmental impact during takeoff, flying, and landing will be discussed here. Everything about the Dash8Q400 is tailored for sustainability without sacrificing performance, from engine designs to aerodynamics.

Luxwing operates sustainably beyond its aircraft. This section will demonstrate Luxwing’s complete commitment to aviation sustainability, from eco-friendly ground services to alternative energy sources for our buildings.

Luxwing strives to set a greener air travel standard with the Dash8Q400 and sustainable operations. Join us as we investigate how these measures benefit the world and make aviation more environmentally friendly.

Flying Through Time: Luxwing’s Aviation Evolution

Luxwing is a fascinating story of expansion, adaptability, and relentless brilliance in aviation. This section will highlight Luxwing’s rise to premium air travel leadership.

Our objective was to revolutionize air travel with luxury, efficiency, and great service. We’ll cover Luxwing’s early years, from our first flight to our fleet expansion.

Luxwing evolved with aviation. Technology, client demands, and global events shaped our goals and operations. Luxwing’s capacity to adapt kept us relevant in a changing business by turning obstacles into opportunities for innovation.

Luxwing’s evolution has been marked by new aircraft models, route network expansion, and cutting-edge technology. This section will detail how each decision, investment, and invention helped the airline expand and thrive.

We’ll also talk about Luxwing’s loyal workforce, visionary leadership, and beloved passengers. Luxwing’s success comes from people, experiences, and memories, not simply flights.

Thinking about the past will help us anticipate the future. Luxwing’s innovation, sustainability, and unmatched service equip us for success in the ever-changing aviation industry. Celebrate Luxwing’s journey from humble beginnings to exciting future chapters.

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Elevating Luxury Aviation and Sailing Adventures stands as a beacon of excellence in both the world of luxury aviation and sailing adventures. This dynamic company was not only instrumental in the prestigious 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta but also represents the epitome of seamless, opulent travel experiences. Our mission revolves around fulfilling the unique needs of jet travelers by providing a comprehensive range of services that extend from logistics to the ultimate comfort of flying on board one of our luxury jets. At, we’re passionate about delivering exceptional value and unforgettable experiences to our clients.

Our Story is not just another private aircraft carrier; we are a young and dynamic organization with a distinct narrative. Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize private aviation, driven by the belief that flying should be more than just transportation; it should be an extraordinary experience. With this goal in mind, we assembled a team of the most qualified pilots in the private aviation sector – individuals who share our passion for flying and an unwavering commitment to managing every flight with meticulous attention to detail.

Services Tailored to Perfection

Our commitment to delivering excellence is embodied in our services. At, we understand that each client is unique, and we tailor our services accordingly to provide the best-personalized package. Our approach is characterized by experience, professionalism, and flexibility, ensuring that every service we offer creates exceptional value for our clients. Beyond Aviation isn’t just about aviation; we’re also dedicated to promoting exceptional sailing adventures, exemplified by our team of Starfly, of the 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta. This event not only showcases our commitment to excellence but also emphasizes our dedication to the maritime world.

2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta: A Spectacular Sailing Event

The 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta is one of the Mediterranean’s most glamorous offshore sailing races. This prestigious event is a testament to the thrilling world of sailing and a remarkable showcase of maritime prowess. The Yacht Club de Monaco, Costa Smeralda Yacht Club, and Circolo della Vela Sicilia jointly organized this grand event, symbolizing the unity and collaboration of sailing enthusiasts from across the globe.

A Race of Distinction

This year marked the 18th edition of the Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta, a race that drew nearly 50 boats from 12 different countries. Under the vigilant supervision of the Italian Sailing Federation, the Italian Offshore Sailing Union, and the International Maxi Association, this race has become synonymous with prestige and competition. Sailors from various backgrounds and nationalities gather to showcase their skills and passion for sailing in this challenging race.

Navigating the Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta

The Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta offers a challenging course that stretches from the Gulf of Mondello to the Principality of Monaco, with a strategic gate at Porto Cervo. This captivating route not only tests the mettle of the sailors but also presents them with intriguing strategic choices and breathtaking coastal vistas along the coasts of Sardinia and Corsica.

Exhilarating Competition

In the IRC class, the largest and most competitive class in the regatta, Joy (GBR), a JPK 1010 expertly sailed by Dave Butters from the Parkstone Yacht Club Poole, secured victory. Joy’s exceptional performance earned it the prized Angelo Randazzo Challenge Trophy. Poisson Garou (FRA), a J99 owned by Frederico Croba and sailed by Jonathan Heusse (SNLF), claimed second place in the IRC category. The third position was clinched by the Cookson 50, Kuka 3 (SUI), owned by the Italian-Swiss Franco Niggeler and skillfully sailed by Pietro D’Al and Mitch Booth. Notably, the smaller, lighter boats designed for light winds exhibited outstanding performance throughout the race.

Honoring Excellence

The Line Honors winner, receiving the Giuseppe Tasca d’Almerita Trophy, was Black Jack, a 100-foot maxi owned by Australian Peter Hamburg, with New Zealander Brad Butterworth among its crew. Shockwave 3 Prosecco DOC, a 90-foot vessel skippered by Claudio Demartis under the burgee of the Circolo della Vela Sicilia, secured second place in real-time. Kuka 3 claimed the third position in real-time. These accomplishments reflect the caliber of competition and the level of excellence on display at the Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta.

Diversity and Skill on Display

The 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta was a celebration of diversity and skill, with sailors from eight different countries shining in various categories. Notable winners included:

ORC Group 1: Starfly, a Rimar 44.3 owned by Andrea Alaimo (Navale Italiana di Palermo), emerged victorious in this group. Elo II, a proto helmed by young sailors from the Italian Yacht Club under Captain Mauro Pelaschier, claimed second place. Neo 400 Plus, Alemaro (GER), owned by Roman Putchev, secured third place.

Group 2 ORC: Scricca, a Comet 38S owned by Mario Rosso of the Yacht Club Italiano, triumphed in ORC Group 2. Melagodo, a First 34.7 from CDV Erix sailed by Luca de Luca, secured second place, while Ultravox Seares, an X332 sailed by Filippo Buti and Lorenzo Micheli, took third place. Ultravox Seares also achieved dual-category success.

Class40: Made in Midi (FRA), with Kito de Pavant as navigator, clinched first place in the Class40 event. ACI 40 (CRO), skippered by Ivica Kostelic, an Olympic skier turned offshore sailor, secured second place. Vaquita, led by Alessio Bernab, came in third. Imagin’Act Socomec, under the command of Marco Guerra, rounded out the group.

Recognizing Sicilian Excellence

The Emanuele Bruno Console Challenge Cup was awarded to Shockwave 3 Prosecco DOC as the first Sicilian boat to cross the finish line on time. Additionally, the Circolo Della Vela Sicilia Trophy honored Starfly (LNI Palermo) for being the first ORC boat with the smallest crew. These accolades underscore the significant role played by Sicilian sailors in this prestigious event.

A Special Mention: Grace’s Resilience

One remarkable story that emerged from the race was that of Grace, an Oceanis 31 owned by Fabrizio Ferrera and representing the Yacht Club Mediterraneo. Despite arriving 12 minutes after the deadline, Grace displayed unwavering determination and resilience. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and the Mediterranean Institute for Transplantation and Highly Specialized Therapies (ISMETT) supported this remarkable vessel, making Grace the smallest boat in the competition. Her journey exemplifies the spirit of tenacity and perseverance in the face of challenges.

Gratitude to Organizers

The success of the 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta owes much to the diligent efforts of the Regatta Committee, led by Fabio Barrasso, and the International Jury, featuring Giorgio D’Avanzo (President), Mats Bjorklund (FIN), Richard Slater (AUS), Craig Mitchell (GBR), and Miguel Allen (POR). Gennaro Aveta (President), Bartolomeo Maugeri, and Ermanno Basile contributed to the Technical Committee, ensuring the smooth execution of this prestigious event.

Part of the Prestigious Circuits

The Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta holds a special place in the “long” regatta schedule for the FIV Italian Offshore Sailing Championship, carrying a high coefficient for the final ranking. Additionally, the race is an integral part of significant circuits such as the IMA Mediterranean Maxi Offshore Challenge, the Mediterranean Offshore Trophy, the Mediterranean Trophy for the Class40, and the Championnat et Trophées Inshore et Offshore Méditerranée en Équipages-IRC in 2023. This inclusion reflects the race’s status as a crucial event on the sailing calendar.

Sponsors and Collaborators

The 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta received invaluable support from various sponsors and partners. The Sicilian Region Department of Tourism, Sport, and Entertainment played a pivotal role in promoting the event. The Metropolitan City of Palermo and the Sicily Foundation also made significant contributions. Notably, Tasca d’Almerita and Porsche, Centro Porsche Palermo, were two major sponsors whose support enhanced the regatta’s prestige and success.

To sum everything up

The 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta, , illuminated the Mediterranean Sea with its exhilarating races. This event showcased the diversity and skill of sailors from around the world, emphasizing the global appeal of offshore sailing. Starfly’s victory in the ORC Group 1 category and Grace’s remarkable journey served as inspiring examples of excellence and tenacity. The Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta continues to stand as a testament to the enduring allure of offshore sailing and the unwavering dedication of all those who participate and support it.

Fractional Ownership Jet

Everything You Need to Know About Fractional Ownership Jets

Fractional ownership jet has developed as an intriguing option for individuals that need to travel for personal or business reason and at the same time without the heavy price tag in the ever-changing landscape of executive travel. A fractional ownership jet allows people to split the costs and benefits of owning a private plane, changing how we think about premium travel experiences. This article delves into fractional aircraft ownership, evaluating its unrivaled convenience for modern passengers.

Keep in mind that traveling by private jet has long been linked with magnificence and convenience. However, due to the enormous expenditures of owning and maintaining a plane, this experience has generally been limited to a select few. Fractional jet ownership adds a democratizing edge to the industry, making private jet travel more accessible to a broader audience. In this case, investors can enjoy the benefits of ownership without bearing the entire financial burden by acquiring a portion of the plane.

A Guide to Choose the Best Provider for Fractional Ownership Jets

In the past, having a private plane has long been associated with luxury and comfort. However, proudly owning, retaining, and operating a non-public aircraft may be prohibitively expensive for many individuals and organizations. This is where fractional ownership comes in, providing a practical manner for many human beings to share the fees and advantages of private plane ownership. If you’re considering getting into fractional ownership, picking the correct supplier is critical to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience. Here’s a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision.

  • Reputation

Your search should begin with investigating the background and track record of the various fractional ownership service providers. Look for businesses with a large amount of experience within the quarter and feature a solid track record of turning in remarkable services over their time within the industry. Conducting an in-depth research and asking as many questions as possible for clarity could be the better option.

  • Flexibility

Remember, different service providers offer various private jet charter programs, each subject to unique terms and restrictions. There’s a possibility that some of them impose limitations for a minimum amount of consumption, while others might provide more flexible options. Choose a service provider suitable for your traveling patterns and requirements, whether having guaranteed access to a plane or the flexibility to modify your usage according to the circumstances.

  • Operational Efficiency

Maintenance and operation of private planes are two aspects that must not be overlooked if one wishes to guarantee passenger security and a trouble-free journey. Conduct research into the provider’s maintenance procedures, safety history, and level of compliance with applicable industry rules. A service provider who prioritizes safety and invests in the preventative maintenance of its fleet indicates a commitment to delivering a reliable and secure service.

  • Associated Costs

Of course, shared costs are a part of fractional ownership. Thus, it is essential to have a comprehensive awareness of the many financial considerations. A transparent pricing structure that defines all costs in detail, such as management fees, hourly rates, and any potential additional expenses, will help you avoid any unanticipated monetary surprises in the future. Click here if you are looking for cheap private jet flights.

  • Customer Support

Finally, your fractional ownership experience can be significantly improved by receiving excellent customer service. Choose a service provider that gives customer service that is prompt, beneficial, and attentive to deal with any questions, issues, or needs for assistance that can arise earlier than, throughout, or after your journeys.

Even though you’ll be looking forward to drawing close enjoyment with fractional ownership jet, it is critical to consider how you will get out of the partnership. Investigate the provider’s procedures for selling your share or leaving the program if either of those options interests you. You might feel more at ease if your service provider has an easy procedure for canceling your subscription. At Luxwing, you can recoup at least all that investment at the end of your contract period!

Conclusively, because fractional ownership provides the luxury of private jet travel without the full cost and responsibility, it is a viable alternative for people who value convenience and efficiency. This novel concept combines cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and ease of use, making it an appealing choice for full ownership or commercial travel. As the tourism business evolves, fractional jet demonstrates that exclusivity and accessibility coexist perfectly. Therefore, by considering the above variables, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your travel interests and expectations.

Luxwing Airline

Elevate Your Travel Experience with Lux Airlines: Top 5 Benefits to Book a Private Jet

The elegance of traveling in a private jet has multiplied exponentially as we stay in an age wherein time is of the essence, and luxury is of the maximum importance. Private planes, which have been once taken into consideration as luxurious true reserved for the ones at the very pinnacle of society, have emerged as reachable in recent years and now offer lots of benefits that cannot be matched using commercial planes. In this article, we will check out the top five motives why booking a private plane is not only solely focused on luxurious but additionally about efficiency, flexibility, and a tour experience that is hassle-free as well.

  • Privacy and Comfort

The unmatched level of discretion and luxury that a private aircraft like Lux airlines provides is undoubtedly one of the most compelling arguments in favor of booking one. Private planes, in contrast to overbooked commercial flights, offer passengers an environment in which they are free to fully rest, work, or carry on meaningful conversations without the prying eyes of other passengers. Typically, your tastes were considered when the cabin’s interior was created, making it possible to create a practical and pleasurable environment for you throughout your travels.

Likewise, companionship is encouraged when you book private jets since passengers do not have to contend with the limits of crowded commercial flights. The close quarters of a private plane provide an atmosphere conducive to a feeling of community, regardless of whether you are traveling with family, friends, or coworkers. Hence, without the disruptions of a full cabin, you can hold conversations, develop new ideas, or spend quality time with one another.

  • Time-Saving

Time is undeniably one of our most valuable commodities, and private jet travel makes the most of it. Private jet flights allow you to avoid long security queues and rigorous airport check-in processes. This equates to much shorter wait times, allowing you to board your aircraft swiftly and depart on time. Furthermore, private jets have access to a broader choice of airports, including smaller regional airports, allowing you to land closer to your final destination and save even more time.

  • Flexibility

Did you know that a private jet travel is the epitome of adaptability? Yes, you can select departure times that fit your schedule, ensuring that your travel plans easily merge with your work meetings, family gatherings, or leisure activities. The capacity to adjust your route on short notice is a game changer, especially in today’s volatile environment. Also, when you fly by private jet, you can customize requests like tailored meals or onboard facilities.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Additionally, private plane provides passengers with an environment conducive to activities like painting, which is good for enterprise vacationers. In this distraction-loose environment, you and your coworkers can work, have conferences, and work collectively on tasks to the cabin’s potential to be transformed into a mobile workplace. Thus, you can live associated and maximize your ride time, this will make sure that each moment is treasured.

  • Seamless Travel Experience

The experience of flying via private plane is intended to be uninterrupted, from setting foot on the tarmac to arriving at your final destination. Your requirements are attended to by devoted staff members, guaranteeing that you receive personalized and attentive service during your journey. Likewise, managing your luggage is streamlined, and you have the luxury of embarking and disembarking at your leisure. This attention to detail contributes to a stress-free flying experience, which is frequently difficult to achieve on commercial flights.

In a world where productivity, comfort, and personalization are of the utmost importance, reserving a private jet transcends its image as a luxury and emerges as a realistic answer for travelers in the current era. Private jet flights are investments in convenience and peace of mind since they allow you to make the most of your time, customize your experience, and preserve excessive stages of productivity while supplying you with unequaled comfort. When planning your subsequent ride, whether or not for enterprise or satisfaction, thinking about the pinnacle five reasons mentioned above can take your travel experience to new heights and make it a greater exciting average. Ready for your adventure? Consider Lux airlines for your next flight. Click here for more details.

WhatsApp Image 2023 08 05 at 20.00.13

Latest news? We have “work in progress”…

Working hard to improve our services and our clients flight experience has always been our goal. In the past months we started to look for additional aircraft to satisfy our clients request to implement our network and seating availability using our own branded aircraft.

Here, in the picture below, it is our first aircraft in the process to be painted with Luxwing’s logo, be ready to see the final result. 

Check this out: This aircraft should start to fly within august 2023.

Be ready. Check our website for latest news.

Luxwing Aircraft Painting

We deliver hope

For the past several years, Luxwing has opened a cargo division focused on cargo shipping, combining the impressive quality standards of private jet aviation with cargo shipping. Captain Daniele Guida, Luxwing’s commercial director, explains how Luxwing’s cargo division works and the special services related to the pharmaceutical industry.

Capt Daniele Guida, what are the key features of Luxwing Cargo?

“We consider cargo transportation a ‘VIP’ in the same way we do for passengers. We pay the same attention to cargo delivery and apply the same high-level services as private jets.  After 10 years in business, the market knows Luxwing very well. The positive association with our brand has made it an easier choice for many organizations. Since 2020, after a long and not easy certification process, we have received approval to transport radioactive and dangerous explosive material by air.”

How many aircraft operate Luxwing for Cargo?

“All aircraft in our fleet are potentially available for cargo services, two of those are fully cargo configured and are always ready and available.”

Is it true that Luxwing Cargo works for a major pharmaceutical company?

“Yes, it is true and we are very proud of this achievement. This is a new experimental cancer treatment whose peculiarity is its lifespan, as it requires delivery within hours of being released from the laboratory. This is why Luxwing was chosen to provide this service in Europe. A hope for many people fighting for life. A challenge of efficiency, punctuality, reliability for us. This mission is considered special at Luxwing, because we like to say ‘we are delivering HOPE’.”

How fast is growing Luxwing Cargo service?

«We are in a double-digit growth phase; a lot of specialized company are contacting us to deliver high value-added goods».

How is possible to join the service?

“Simply send an e-mail to and we will be happy to assist you with an immediate quote and all the required documentations.”

Leotta Skyalps

LuxWing makes Skyalps takeoff

LuxWing makes Skyalps takeoff. The new airline from Bolzano, is starting the real commercial operations (ticket sales began on May 20 on the website) by putting on line a fleet of two De Havilland Dash 8, which at this moment are in Malta for the latest practices followed by Cpt Francesco Leotta (in the photo), LuxWing’s Flight Operations Director.

Cpt Leotta

The two Dash 9H-BEL and 9H-EVA will enter on service with a first charter on 6 June and with the first scheduled flight on 14 June. A great result, strongly desired by the founder of Skyalps Josef Gostner and made possible by the maltese operator LuxWing, which at this stage made available its own airline operator certificate and all its experience.

We chose LuxWing because is a reliable partner with whom we have been collaborating for years – explains Alex Spinato by Skyalps – it gave us the opportunity to start immediately with a professional structure, just to be on the market quickly with all the necessary guarantees“.

With the launch of Skyalps – explains Cpt Daniele Guida, LuxWing sales directorwe complete our range of services. We were already very active and growing in the Aviation business, then we started the cargo with dedicated planes and certifications and now the new charter and scheduled flights division is starting up; we wish Skyalps a big good luck for this courageous entrepreneurial initiative “.

With the opening of the charter / line branch, LuxWing now operates in all sectors of civil aviation, continuing to grow and managing a fleet of over 30 airplanes. A trend opposite to the market dynamics, which is based on solid assessments, expertise and relationships. “We can say LuxWing is near to be an important aeronautical reality – continues Guida it continues to open new bases in Italy and in the rest of Europe“. A few days ago, the inauguration of the LuxWing Italy headquarters, which will follow SkyAlps operations more closely, while after the opening of the Falconara and Turin bases, the management of the Maltese company is evaluating the opening of new bases serving northern and central Italy, but also Central Europe.

We are satisfied with the work done so far, but we are looking for more – adds Guida – we continue on the path of growth and we are convinced that commercial aviation has significant margins growth in the coming years, in all its sectors“.

The key to LuxWing’s success lies in the skill and competence of its pilots, in the experience and ability to manage the machines with maximum performance and minimum risk, while always maintaining the highest safety standards. It is with this philosophy that many airplanes have entered the fleet and it is with this philosophy that LuxWing has made itself known by the market, reaching ever higher traffic targets. LuxWing has its headquarters on the island of Malta, but is active throughout Europe with a fleet of business jets that can cover all high-level mobility needs: from the fast and agile Phenom 100 to the comfortable and performing Preator, LuxWing can quickly reply to all aeronautical mobility needs: from the manager who need to move quickly for job to the transport of special materials. Now the scheduled service is also on the panel of LuxWing’s offer. That fly higher and higher.

Ambasciatore Malta

Italy’s Ambassador in Malta visit Luxwing

An excellent visit for an excellent company. This morning, H.E. Fabrizio Romano, Italy’s Ambassador in Malta, visited our headquarters to meet the Italian pilots / entrepreneurs who moved to the island to create a business jet airline, wich is also active in two specific divisions; the cargo sector, as well as charter. Hosting the Italian Ambassador in the beautiful Birkirkara headquarters, were Luxwing CEO CPT Giuseppe Sapia, Sales Manager CPT Daniele Guida, the Flight Operations Manager CPT Francesco Leotta and Pilot Training Manager CPT Davide Natoli.

I am happy to have met this important international reality – commented the H.E. Fabrizio Romanowhich brings friendship between our two countries even closer and better. I am proud that at the heart of this important company there are Italians ”. “We were honored to be able to meet H.E. Ambassador Romano – explained the Luxwing CEO  CPT  Giuseppe Sapiaa person prepared and attentive to the needs of Italians abroad, both in terms of business and in terms of assistance to Italian workers living abroad

Founded in Malta in 2011, thanks to an innovative commercial policy and a very high professional level, Luxwing immediately grew intensively, adding medium and light jet airplanes to the fleet as well as highly specialized services, such as transport of dangerous goods – explosives and radioactive material, becoming a point of reference for established pharmaceutical companies.

Today Luxwing is a highly regarded player in this market, having combined the efficiency and rigour of the aeronautical business with the typical Italian class and flexibility.

Luxwing operates mainly in Europe, but also in the rest of the world, with a fleet of thirty jets capable of responding to all mobility needs. The fleet also includes two specialized cargo aircraft and two airliners currently marketed by SkyAlps. The visit of H.E. Fabrizio Romano is a recognition of the work done in recent years, a story of commitment and success of a group of Italians who have decided to invest in Malta.

Luxwing unaccompanied minors program

You con belive in our unaccompanying minors program. Does your child have to travel alone? Don’t worry, with Luxwing it is possible with our highest standards. Luxwing accompanying minors CERTIFIED service, guarantees child safety and well-being from the moment we met at the airport and throughout the journey until the drop off at destination. We will always accompany the child, whether is traveling alone or in a small group with other children, following a strict step by step procedure.
We will take care of your child, keeping you constantly informed.

Children are our future, the most important passengers in our airplanes, we developed a precise procedure to make it always fast and safe.

Let be with always with your children, whenever you go.
Fly high. Fly Luxwing.

Ask for a quote