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We deliver hope

For the past several years, Luxwing has opened a cargo division focused on cargo shipping, combining the impressive quality standards of private jet aviation with cargo shipping. Captain Daniele Guida, Luxwing’s commercial director, explains how Luxwing’s cargo division works and the special services related to the pharmaceutical industry.

Capt Daniele Guida, what are the key features of Luxwing Cargo?

“We consider cargo transportation a ‘VIP’ in the same way we do for passengers. We pay the same attention to cargo delivery and apply the same high-level services as private jets.  After 10 years in business, the market knows Luxwing very well. The positive association with our brand has made it an easier choice for many organizations. Since 2020, after a long and not easy certification process, we have received approval to transport radioactive and dangerous explosive material by air.”

How many aircraft operate Luxwing for Cargo?

“All aircraft in our fleet are potentially available for cargo services, two of those are fully cargo configured and are always ready and available.”

Is it true that Luxwing Cargo works for a major pharmaceutical company?

“Yes, it is true and we are very proud of this achievement. This is a new experimental cancer treatment whose peculiarity is its lifespan, as it requires delivery within hours of being released from the laboratory. This is why Luxwing was chosen to provide this service in Europe. A hope for many people fighting for life. A challenge of efficiency, punctuality, reliability for us. This mission is considered special at Luxwing, because we like to say ‘we are delivering HOPE’.”

How fast is growing Luxwing Cargo service?

«We are in a double-digit growth phase; a lot of specialized company are contacting us to deliver high value-added goods».

How is possible to join the service?

“Simply send an e-mail to and we will be happy to assist you with an immediate quote and all the required documentations.”

Leotta Skyalps

LuxWing makes Skyalps takeoff

LuxWing makes Skyalps takeoff. The new airline from Bolzano, is starting the real commercial operations (ticket sales began on May 20 on the website) by putting on line a fleet of two De Havilland Dash 8, which at this moment are in Malta for the latest practices followed by Cpt Francesco Leotta (in the photo), LuxWing’s Flight Operations Director.

Cpt Leotta

The two Dash 9H-BEL and 9H-EVA will enter on service with a first charter on 6 June and with the first scheduled flight on 14 June. A great result, strongly desired by the founder of Skyalps Josef Gostner and made possible by the maltese operator LuxWing, which at this stage made available its own airline operator certificate and all its experience.

We chose LuxWing because is a reliable partner with whom we have been collaborating for years – explains Alex Spinato by Skyalps – it gave us the opportunity to start immediately with a professional structure, just to be on the market quickly with all the necessary guarantees“.

With the launch of Skyalps – explains Cpt Daniele Guida, LuxWing sales directorwe complete our range of services. We were already very active and growing in the Aviation business, then we started the cargo with dedicated planes and certifications and now the new charter and scheduled flights division is starting up; we wish Skyalps a big good luck for this courageous entrepreneurial initiative “.

With the opening of the charter / line branch, LuxWing now operates in all sectors of civil aviation, continuing to grow and managing a fleet of over 30 airplanes. A trend opposite to the market dynamics, which is based on solid assessments, expertise and relationships. “We can say LuxWing is near to be an important aeronautical reality – continues Guida it continues to open new bases in Italy and in the rest of Europe“. A few days ago, the inauguration of the LuxWing Italy headquarters, which will follow SkyAlps operations more closely, while after the opening of the Falconara and Turin bases, the management of the Maltese company is evaluating the opening of new bases serving northern and central Italy, but also Central Europe.

We are satisfied with the work done so far, but we are looking for more – adds Guida – we continue on the path of growth and we are convinced that commercial aviation has significant margins growth in the coming years, in all its sectors“.

The key to LuxWing’s success lies in the skill and competence of its pilots, in the experience and ability to manage the machines with maximum performance and minimum risk, while always maintaining the highest safety standards. It is with this philosophy that many airplanes have entered the fleet and it is with this philosophy that LuxWing has made itself known by the market, reaching ever higher traffic targets. LuxWing has its headquarters on the island of Malta, but is active throughout Europe with a fleet of business jets that can cover all high-level mobility needs: from the fast and agile Phenom 100 to the comfortable and performing Preator, LuxWing can quickly reply to all aeronautical mobility needs: from the manager who need to move quickly for job to the transport of special materials. Now the scheduled service is also on the panel of LuxWing’s offer. That fly higher and higher.

Ambasciatore Malta

Italy’s Ambassador in Malta visit Luxwing

An excellent visit for an excellent company. This morning, H.E. Fabrizio Romano, Italy’s Ambassador in Malta, visited our headquarters to meet the Italian pilots / entrepreneurs who moved to the island to create a business jet airline, wich is also active in two specific divisions; the cargo sector, as well as charter. Hosting the Italian Ambassador in the beautiful Birkirkara headquarters, were Luxwing CEO CPT Giuseppe Sapia, Sales Manager CPT Daniele Guida, the Flight Operations Manager CPT Francesco Leotta and Pilot Training Manager CPT Davide Natoli.

I am happy to have met this important international reality – commented the H.E. Fabrizio Romanowhich brings friendship between our two countries even closer and better. I am proud that at the heart of this important company there are Italians ”. “We were honored to be able to meet H.E. Ambassador Romano – explained the Luxwing CEO  CPT  Giuseppe Sapiaa person prepared and attentive to the needs of Italians abroad, both in terms of business and in terms of assistance to Italian workers living abroad

Founded in Malta in 2011, thanks to an innovative commercial policy and a very high professional level, Luxwing immediately grew intensively, adding medium and light jet airplanes to the fleet as well as highly specialized services, such as transport of dangerous goods – explosives and radioactive material, becoming a point of reference for established pharmaceutical companies.

Today Luxwing is a highly regarded player in this market, having combined the efficiency and rigour of the aeronautical business with the typical Italian class and flexibility.

Luxwing operates mainly in Europe, but also in the rest of the world, with a fleet of thirty jets capable of responding to all mobility needs. The fleet also includes two specialized cargo aircraft and two airliners currently marketed by SkyAlps. The visit of H.E. Fabrizio Romano is a recognition of the work done in recent years, a story of commitment and success of a group of Italians who have decided to invest in Malta.

Luxwing unaccompanied minors program

You con belive in our unaccompanying minors program. Does your child have to travel alone? Don’t worry, with Luxwing it is possible with our highest standards. Luxwing accompanying minors CERTIFIED service, guarantees child safety and well-being from the moment we met at the airport and throughout the journey until the drop off at destination. We will always accompany the child, whether is traveling alone or in a small group with other children, following a strict step by step procedure.
We will take care of your child, keeping you constantly informed.

Children are our future, the most important passengers in our airplanes, we developed a precise procedure to make it always fast and safe.

Let be with always with your children, whenever you go.
Fly high. Fly Luxwing.

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Can dogs fly on private jet? Yes, with Luxwing!

At Luxwing we know how important it is for someone who owns a dog to always ensure it the best when traveling. So if you’re wondering if dogs can travel on private jets with their owners, our answer is: yes.

Do you need to leave in the company of your dog? Check out our empty legs flights or contact us now to book your flight! We will answer you in no time!

The benefits of a private flight for those traveling with a pet

Traveling in the company of your pet is always a wonderful experience, especially if you have the opportunity to ensure even your dog or cat a peaceful and stress-free trip.

Private flights are the best solution for those traveling with their pet. In fact, there are many private airlines that allow dogs of all races and sizes to travel inside the cabin.

Luxwing is among these companies: our customers have the opportunity to travel with their pet in the cabin.

Choosing a private flight if you are traveling with your pet has many advantages:

  • the dog face up the flight with greater serenity;
  • you will not need to be prescribed sedatives or sleeping pills to the vet because your dog will always be by your side;
  • you will have the opportunity to take care of your dog at all times.

Our advice for those traveling with a pet

If you are traveling with a pet be organized is very important. Keep in mind, for example, that you may need to equip your pet with a special passport: some nations require it.

Inform yourself well with your veterinarian if you need to subject your dog to rabies vaccination. It is required, for example, if you are traveling with a pet in Sardinia, for who travels outside Italy and who enters Italy with a pet.

If your dog suffers from air sickness, ask the vet to get you prescribed an antiemetic to ensure it a more serene and less stressful journey.

Book your flight now: contact us! We will help you find the solution that best suits your needs!

Fly private to and from Malta: all of our services for your business flight

Malta is becoming more and more one of the major points of reference in the Mediterranean not only for tourism but also for the professional field. There are many companies that choose Malta as their administrative, operational and financial headquarters. Its central position makes it one of the main doors to Europe.

If you need a private flight to and from Malta, Luxwing is at your disposal. Our beautiful fleet consists of both short-haul jets and also aircraft suitable for long distances.

Reserve your private flight today! Discover our empty legs flights or contact us to get a proposal tailored to your needs!

Fly private to and from Malta: your business flight built around you

If you need to travel to and from Malta for work, we can guarantee you the utmost professionalism, quality and safety.

We provide our customers with personalized services tailored to their needs. Moreover, our company is managed by some of the most qualified pilots of private aviation in order to guarantee you the highest quality.

If you need a flight in a short time, our 24/7 air taxi service is the best solution. When booking your flight you will be assigned one of our staff members who will help you plan your business trip according to your needs.

In addition, we can also assist you once you arrive at your destination and throughout all your journey with our transfer service.

Our jet club card for frequent flyers

Do you need to travel to and from Malta often? Then our Jet Club Card is the solution for you. It allows you to buy a personalized flight time package to use when you need it most without having to pay for your flight each time.

Do you need a private jet to and from Malta? Check out our empty legs flights, or contact us. We will help you find the most convenient and suitable solution for you!

What is a private jet card? The benefits of a private flight membership

A private jet card is an extra service that many private flights companies make available to customers. By purchasing a jet card, customers have available prepaid flight hours on a certain aircraft or on an aircraft with certain characteristics.

For frequent flyers, buying a private jet card is a convenient option. Adhering to a membership program in fact involves numerous advantages.

The benefits of jet cards for those who travel often

There are mainly two benefits that jet cards make available to people who prefer to fly on private jets. If they are a frequent flyer, the jet cards are:

  • convenient;
  • allow you to organize the flight faster.

Jet cards are convenient because they allow you to purchase prepaid flight hours packages: there are no price changes linked to the seasonality of flight fares.
In addition, every time you need a flight there is no longer the need to request a quote, sign the contract and make the payment. Simply inform the airline that you need a flight.

The advantages of the Luxwing jet card

Our private jet charter company also provides a private jet card to its loyal customers. By purchasing it you will have a prepaid flight hour package and developed according to your personal needs.

By joining our membership program you can forget about all the disadvantages of booking and purchasing flights. If you travel often, our jet card will allow you to always have your aircraft ready to take you wherever you need it.

In addition you have the possibility to modify your plane according to your needs and if necessary.

We have the possibility to develop a membership program based completely on your flight needs, always guaranteeing you high quality and safety.

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Private jet booking online: how to fly with Luxwing?

Booking a private jet online is the first step to take when you want an unforgettable, safe and high quality flight experience. The Luxwing fleet and the services we provide to our customers allow us to secure you all this. We can take you almost anywhere you want and to offer you maximum quality not only during the flight but also once you arrive at your destination.

Do you want to book a private flight online? Contact us now: we will reply in no time!

How to book a private flight online with Luxwing?

Flying with Luxwing is always an unforgettable experience. If you are about to book your private flight with us, keep the following information at hand: we need it to offer you the most convenient and appropriate solution at your personal needs.

Flight details

First, we need to know where you want to leave and what is your destination.

How many passengers will be? Knowing this information will allow us to put at your disposal the most suitable private jet for your flight.

Are the flight dates flexible? If your trip has flexible dates, the most advantageous solution is our empty legs. There are so many departing from some of the major European airports: discover them.

Do you have special needs? We are able to ensure flights that meet almost all the needs of our customers. If necessary, we can equip our jets with specific equipment and provide you with a specialized crew able to assist you in the best way during the trip. We can also organize private medical flights if you need them.

Many extra services to ensure the same quality even upon arrival

We love being able to provide our customers with excellent quality services at arrival at the airport. The fly experience with Luxwing, in fact, does not end on landing. If you need it we can put at your disposal an excellent transport service in luxury cars or Limousines.

We can provide you with a personal concierge to assist you throughout your trip by organizing dinners in the starred restaurants of your destination, for example, ensuring you a VIP entry to the best clubs in the city or guiding you to discover the tourist areas of the area in moments of leisure and relaxation .

If you are looking for an unforgettable flight experience you just have to contact us: we will be happy to help you find the most advantageous solution to your needs!

Contact us: we will reply you in no time!

Private jet and car: the Luxwing’s transportation service

One of the disadvantages of traveling in first class on a commercial flight is the need to organize transport from the airport to the hotel or to the destination you want to reach.

The alternatives from this point of view are the following:

  • buy a train or bus ticket;
  • wait for a taxi;
  • rent a car.

These are all valid alternatives but when you need a fast, comfortable and high quality transport, unfortunately they are not sufficient.

At Luxwing, we provide an excellent transport service for our customers. The best way to continue your journey as soon as you reach the airport!

Find out more about our private jet and car rental service or contact us now to book your flight or get more information: we are at your disposal!

Private jet and car: the Luxwing’s transfer service

The transfer service that we provide is perfect for those who need a perfect organization of transport once they reach the airport and have little time to organize the necessary.

It will be the staff of Luxwing to organize the transport in the smallest details taking into account your personal needs. We can provide luxury car rentals and even limousines with drivers if you travel with your family or business partners.

We can provide you with an accurate logistics service that allows you to have a transport that suits your needs throughout all your trip: from arrival to the airport until your departure.

In this way you will not have to worry about renting cars or drivers: you will continue to travel comfortably and safely even after getting off our private jet!

If you need to rent a private jet and car, then, do not wait any longer: contact us now! We will surely find the solution that best suits your personal needs!