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Empty Leg Flights

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Share a Plane

When you are planning a trip the cost of the flight ticket is one of those that most affects the budget you have available. Traveling by air, it’s expensive. Spending some time looking for a cheaper solution, such as sharing a plane, allows you to use part of your budget for other travel expenses.

Most people, in this case, simply look for offers on commercial flights. Few people know, however, that they have an extra opportunity to save money: the so-called “empty legs flights,” or “deadhead flights,” or “share a plane”. These flights allow you to save even more than 50% on the cost of a classic flight ticket.

What Are Empty Leg Flights?

The empty legs flights are those related to the jets charter average displacement needs. In fact, it often happens that jet charter companies have to move his jets from one airport to another after having accompanied a customer while waiting for the new customer.

Many jet charter companies, like Luxwing, consider these displacements an unethical use of resources. This is why we offer our customers empty leg flights, low cost flights from one airport to another dedicated to those who wish to save on the cost of flight ticket and who have adequate flexibility.

Last-minute deals: flying with Luxwing empty legs!

If you are looking for a cheap flight and your travel plan has adequate flexibility, you are in the right place! Check out our upcoming share-a-plane flights, and if you do not find the one that’s right for you, contact us: we’ll help you find a solution!