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The safest and fastest way to fly with Luxwing quality standards

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Executive Jets

For those who don't have time to waste and want to optimize every move

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Save Time

With our executive flight, when you arrive we will depart, plane is yours.

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You Decide when

How much does your time cost? Even at late night, we will be ready to fly you back to your destination.

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Work in flight

Use the flight time to work sitting comfortably, recharging your device, with our recharging station available on our seats, or to rest and prepare as best you can for your next appointment

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On Demand

Maximum efficiency to enjoy your holidays to the fullest


Why pay full costs? Buy only a slice of your airplane and fly lighter


Forget all deadlines, we'll take care of your plane


The smartest way to always have a guaranteed aircraft available

Aircraft Management

Fly your plane when you don't need it and cut your operating costs