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Luxwing can arrange perfect charters for larger groups of passengers

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The Charter

The long Luxwing experience in charter organization, can arrange perfect trip for larger groups of passengers or sport team, on aircraft including regional jet airliners and turboprops, VIP & executive airliners, as well as narrow and wide-body airliners.

Why Charter service

Choose Luxwing Charter service for traveling on your own schedule, access to thousands of airports, join the privacy of your own aircraft, eliminate long airport lines and save time.

Luxwing Charter service contribute to the overall value of utilizing private aircraft charter.

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Charter Aircrafts

Business executives find that private air charter is the most efficient form of air travel. In today’s fast-paced business environment the most valuable non-renewable commodity is time. The value of a top-level corporate executive can amount to thousands of dollars per hour on a company’s bottom line.

That is the reason why most of the Fortune 500 companies either charter or operate their own aircraft. No matter what your schedule or travel plans, we will coordinate your itinerary and get you to your destination on time.