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All of Luxwing's expertise at your disposal to buy, sell and own an aircraft

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Plane acquisition Team

Luxwing has all the expertise and professionals, to help you to evaluate your private travel investment. Our team of engineers and contracting experts will give you all the support you need to find, purchase, evaluate and manage the perfect aircraft for you.

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Custom design

We believe that a private jet should fit the owner's style like a tailored suit.
Our creative team will help you choose the interior and exterior design only with the best materials.

Capetown Convention

Malta is one of the few states that applies the Capetown convention, designed to create an international framework for the protection and enforcement of aircraft, engines and helicopters. The Convention and Protocol are intended to reduce risks for creditors, and consequently, the borrowing costs to debtors, through the resulting improved legal certainty. This promotes the granting of credit for the acquisition of more modern and thus more fuel-efficient aircraft.

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Best crew available 365 days

Professionalism, punctuality, kindness, respect for privacy and confidentiality are the minimum characteristics of all Luxwing flight crew. Luxwing will provide the best pilots and flight attendants, always trained to let you enjoy the flight in every situation, applying the golden standard in private aviation.

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Maintenance program

The main purpose of a regular maintenance program is to ensure that all equipment required is operating at 100% and efficiency is on the top at all times.
Luxwing always provide a mixture of preventive and corrective work, including precautionary work. We keep your plane in service to meets its schedule and to maximise the value of the asset.

Global fuel price program

Luxwing is able to always offer you the best fuel price worldwide thanks to a series of agreements with the major oil companies in the world. Protect yourself from price fluctuations thanks to signed agreements that are the result of decades of experience.

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H24/365 Support Team

No matter what time it is or where in the world you are, we love to support our customers. Luxwing provides a dedicated owner services team to ensure 24-hour dispatch, flight operations, flight crew recruiting and all the ground services.

Monthly Financial report

Always keep costs under control thanks to the monthly financial reports that Luxwing will make available to you.
.You will know every expense in detail, every movement of the aircraft and every intervention. Transparency is our strength