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For the past several years, Luxwing has opened a cargo division focused on cargo shipping, combining the impressive quality standards of private jet aviation with cargo shipping. Captain Daniele Guida, Luxwing’s commercial director, explains how Luxwing’s cargo division works and the special services related to the pharmaceutical industry.

Capt Daniele Guida, what are the key features of Luxwing Cargo?

“We consider cargo transportation a ‘VIP’ in the same way we do for passengers. We pay the same attention to cargo delivery and apply the same high-level services as private jets.  After 10 years in business, the market knows Luxwing very well. The positive association with our brand has made it an easier choice for many organizations. Since 2020, after a long and not easy certification process, we have received approval to transport radioactive and dangerous explosive material by air.”

How many aircraft operate Luxwing for Cargo?

“All aircraft in our fleet are potentially available for cargo services, two of those are fully cargo configured and are always ready and available.”

Is it true that Luxwing Cargo works for a major pharmaceutical company?

“Yes, it is true and we are very proud of this achievement. This is a new experimental cancer treatment whose peculiarity is its lifespan, as it requires delivery within hours of being released from the laboratory. This is why Luxwing was chosen to provide this service in Europe. A hope for many people fighting for life. A challenge of efficiency, punctuality, reliability for us. This mission is considered special at Luxwing, because we like to say ‘we are delivering HOPE’.”

How fast is growing Luxwing Cargo service?

«We are in a double-digit growth phase; a lot of specialized company are contacting us to deliver high value-added goods».

How is possible to join the service?

“Simply send an e-mail to and we will be happy to assist you with an immediate quote and all the required documentations.”

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