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Aircraft Management

We make aircraft management easy. Just fly and forget the hard job.

Why Malta

Protect your investment. Malta is one of the few states that applies the Capetown convention, designed to create an international framework for the protection and enforcement of aircraft, engines and helicopters.

Phenom comandante

Luxwing will provide the best pilots with the perfect experience, with constant training and right attitude and privacy to let you enjoy the flight in every situation, applying the golden standard in private aviation.


You will always have your aircraft available 365 days when you need it. When you don't fly, for the rest of the time it will fly in safety with other clients, producing income to cut your costs.

Global fuel program

Luxwing is able to always offer you the best fuel price worldwide thanks to a series of agreements with the major oil companies in the world.

USA Visa Waiver Program

Luxwing is part of the Visa Waiver Program, it allow citizens of 39 countries to enter the USA without a visa and stay for up to 90 days.

Financial report

Always keep costs under control thanks to the monthly financial reports that Luxwing will make available to you. Transparency is our strength.

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Your investment in expert hands

Leave the hard job to us and enjoy only the best side of aircraft ownership. The performance of your investment is our priority. Our knowledge is at your service. Aircraft management is our business, you can focus on yours.