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Embraer Phenom 100

Light Jet

Embraer Phenom 100

The Embraer Phenom 100 is a light jet aircraft manufactured by Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer. The Phenom 100 was designed to be a low-cost, entry-level business jet for the corporate aviation market. It is one of the most popular business jets in operation today, with over 1,000 units delivered as of 2019. At Luxwing, we operate a fleet of Embraer Phenom 100s, which are some of the most popular and reliable business jets in operation today. The Phenom 100 is a perfect fit for our mission of providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective private air travel solutions. With its spacious cabin and state-of-the-art avionics, the Phenom 100 provides Luxwing’s clients with a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience. The Embraer Phenom 100 has proven to be an exceptional aircraft for Luxwing, and we are proud to offer it as part of our fleet. If you are looking for a safe, efficient, and cost-effective way to travel by private jet, look no further than Luxwing.

Embraer Phenom

At Luxwing, we are proud to have an Embraer phenom 100 in our fleet. The phenom 100 is a top-of-the-line aircraft that offers our customers the utmost in comfort and style. With its sleek design and spacious interior, the phenom 100 is the perfect choice for those who demand the best in private air travel. The Embraer Phenom 100 is a light jet aircraft with a capacity of up to four passengers. It is part of the Luxwing fleet and is available for charter flights. The aircraft has a range of 1,971km and a top speed of 833km/h. It is powered by two turbofan engines and features a glass cockpit with avionics from Honeywell Primus Epic. The Phenom 100 has a maximum takeoff weight of 6,950kg and a maximum landing weight of 6,300kg.
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