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Luxwing has a cargo division highly specialized in freight transport. it combines the awesome quality standard of private jet aviation with goods transport.

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The Cargo

We consider goods “VIP ” as well as passengers.
We apply the same care and high-level services as private jet aviation for goods delivery.

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Dangerous Goods

After a long certification process, received the rapproval for the transport by air of hazardous explosive material

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Luxwing is one of the rare operator who received the rare approval for the transport by air of radioactive material

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Executive class

With Luxwing cargo, goods receive the same quality standard we reserve for our business aviation clients

Cargo Aircrafts

All the planes of our fleet are potentially available for cargo services, in particular 2 planes (Beechcraft Super Kingair 200) are configured only for cargo flight and always ready and available in Europe.



General Luxwing Cargo informations

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Is Luxwing Cargo working big pharma?

we are very proud of this task. It is a new and experimental cure for cancer, the peculiarity of this medicine is the life time, as it requires administration within a few hours of leaving the laboratory. For this reason Luxwing has been selected to offer this service in Europe. A hope for many people who struggle for life. A challenge of efficiency, punctuality, reliability for us. This mission is considered special in Luxwing, as we like to say “We deliver HOPE”

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How fast is growing your cargo service?

We are in a double-digit growth phase; a lot of specialized company are calling us to deliver high value-added goods

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What is possible to deliver?

Everything fit in our cargo hold

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How is possible to join the service?

Just send a email to and we’ll be glad to assist you with an immediate quote and all the documentation needed

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Can you delivery dangerous goods?

Luxwing is one of the very few airlines in the world that hold all the certifications to transport dangerous goods and radioactives.