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blog banner stands as a beacon of excellence in both the world of luxury aviation and sailing adventures. This dynamic company was not only instrumental in the prestigious 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta but also represents the epitome of seamless, opulent travel experiences. Our mission revolves around fulfilling the unique needs of jet travelers by providing a comprehensive range of services that extend from logistics to the ultimate comfort of flying on board one of our luxury jets. At, we’re passionate about delivering exceptional value and unforgettable experiences to our clients.

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Services Tailored to Perfection

Our commitment to delivering excellence is embodied in our services. At, we understand that each client is unique, and we tailor our services accordingly to provide the best-personalized package. Our approach is characterized by experience, professionalism, and flexibility, ensuring that every service we offer creates exceptional value for our clients. Beyond Aviation isn’t just about aviation; we’re also dedicated to promoting exceptional sailing adventures, exemplified by our team of Starfly, of the 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta. This event not only showcases our commitment to excellence but also emphasizes our dedication to the maritime world.

2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta: A Spectacular Sailing Event

The 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta is one of the Mediterranean’s most glamorous offshore sailing races. This prestigious event is a testament to the thrilling world of sailing and a remarkable showcase of maritime prowess. The Yacht Club de Monaco, Costa Smeralda Yacht Club, and Circolo della Vela Sicilia jointly organized this grand event, symbolizing the unity and collaboration of sailing enthusiasts from across the globe.

A Race of Distinction

This year marked the 18th edition of the Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta, a race that drew nearly 50 boats from 12 different countries. Under the vigilant supervision of the Italian Sailing Federation, the Italian Offshore Sailing Union, and the International Maxi Association, this race has become synonymous with prestige and competition. Sailors from various backgrounds and nationalities gather to showcase their skills and passion for sailing in this challenging race.

Navigating the Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta

The Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta offers a challenging course that stretches from the Gulf of Mondello to the Principality of Monaco, with a strategic gate at Porto Cervo. This captivating route not only tests the mettle of the sailors but also presents them with intriguing strategic choices and breathtaking coastal vistas along the coasts of Sardinia and Corsica.

Exhilarating Competition

In the IRC class, the largest and most competitive class in the regatta, Joy (GBR), a JPK 1010 expertly sailed by Dave Butters from the Parkstone Yacht Club Poole, secured victory. Joy’s exceptional performance earned it the prized Angelo Randazzo Challenge Trophy. Poisson Garou (FRA), a J99 owned by Frederico Croba and sailed by Jonathan Heusse (SNLF), claimed second place in the IRC category. The third position was clinched by the Cookson 50, Kuka 3 (SUI), owned by the Italian-Swiss Franco Niggeler and skillfully sailed by Pietro D’Al and Mitch Booth. Notably, the smaller, lighter boats designed for light winds exhibited outstanding performance throughout the race.

Honoring Excellence

The Line Honors winner, receiving the Giuseppe Tasca d’Almerita Trophy, was Black Jack, a 100-foot maxi owned by Australian Peter Hamburg, with New Zealander Brad Butterworth among its crew. Shockwave 3 Prosecco DOC, a 90-foot vessel skippered by Claudio Demartis under the burgee of the Circolo della Vela Sicilia, secured second place in real-time. Kuka 3 claimed the third position in real-time. These accomplishments reflect the caliber of competition and the level of excellence on display at the Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta.

Diversity and Skill on Display

The 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta was a celebration of diversity and skill, with sailors from eight different countries shining in various categories. Notable winners included:

ORC Group 1: Starfly, a Rimar 44.3 owned by Andrea Alaimo (Navale Italiana di Palermo), emerged victorious in this group. Elo II, a proto helmed by young sailors from the Italian Yacht Club under Captain Mauro Pelaschier, claimed second place. Neo 400 Plus, Alemaro (GER), owned by Roman Putchev, secured third place.

Group 2 ORC: Scricca, a Comet 38S owned by Mario Rosso of the Yacht Club Italiano, triumphed in ORC Group 2. Melagodo, a First 34.7 from CDV Erix sailed by Luca de Luca, secured second place, while Ultravox Seares, an X332 sailed by Filippo Buti and Lorenzo Micheli, took third place. Ultravox Seares also achieved dual-category success.

Class40: Made in Midi (FRA), with Kito de Pavant as navigator, clinched first place in the Class40 event. ACI 40 (CRO), skippered by Ivica Kostelic, an Olympic skier turned offshore sailor, secured second place. Vaquita, led by Alessio Bernab, came in third. Imagin’Act Socomec, under the command of Marco Guerra, rounded out the group.

Recognizing Sicilian Excellence

The Emanuele Bruno Console Challenge Cup was awarded to Shockwave 3 Prosecco DOC as the first Sicilian boat to cross the finish line on time. Additionally, the Circolo Della Vela Sicilia Trophy honored Starfly (LNI Palermo) for being the first ORC boat with the smallest crew. These accolades underscore the significant role played by Sicilian sailors in this prestigious event.

A Special Mention: Grace’s Resilience

One remarkable story that emerged from the race was that of Grace, an Oceanis 31 owned by Fabrizio Ferrera and representing the Yacht Club Mediterraneo. Despite arriving 12 minutes after the deadline, Grace displayed unwavering determination and resilience. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and the Mediterranean Institute for Transplantation and Highly Specialized Therapies (ISMETT) supported this remarkable vessel, making Grace the smallest boat in the competition. Her journey exemplifies the spirit of tenacity and perseverance in the face of challenges.

Gratitude to Organizers

The success of the 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta owes much to the diligent efforts of the Regatta Committee, led by Fabio Barrasso, and the International Jury, featuring Giorgio D’Avanzo (President), Mats Bjorklund (FIN), Richard Slater (AUS), Craig Mitchell (GBR), and Miguel Allen (POR). Gennaro Aveta (President), Bartolomeo Maugeri, and Ermanno Basile contributed to the Technical Committee, ensuring the smooth execution of this prestigious event.

Part of the Prestigious Circuits

The Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta holds a special place in the “long” regatta schedule for the FIV Italian Offshore Sailing Championship, carrying a high coefficient for the final ranking. Additionally, the race is an integral part of significant circuits such as the IMA Mediterranean Maxi Offshore Challenge, the Mediterranean Offshore Trophy, the Mediterranean Trophy for the Class40, and the Championnat et Trophées Inshore et Offshore Méditerranée en Équipages-IRC in 2023. This inclusion reflects the race’s status as a crucial event on the sailing calendar.

Sponsors and Collaborators

The 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta received invaluable support from various sponsors and partners. The Sicilian Region Department of Tourism, Sport, and Entertainment played a pivotal role in promoting the event. The Metropolitan City of Palermo and the Sicily Foundation also made significant contributions. Notably, Tasca d’Almerita and Porsche, Centro Porsche Palermo, were two major sponsors whose support enhanced the regatta’s prestige and success.

To sum everything up

The 2023 Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta, , illuminated the Mediterranean Sea with its exhilarating races. This event showcased the diversity and skill of sailors from around the world, emphasizing the global appeal of offshore sailing. Starfly’s victory in the ORC Group 1 category and Grace’s remarkable journey served as inspiring examples of excellence and tenacity. The Palermo-Montecarlo Regatta continues to stand as a testament to the enduring allure of offshore sailing and the unwavering dedication of all those who participate and support it.

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