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Corporate/Private Jet Card

The most flexible way to fly with us. Best rates and best service always with a plane availabe.

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The LuxWing Jet Card is a service offered exclusively to our loyal clientele. Our customers can purchase pre-paid "Flight Hour Packages" (25, 50, or 100 hours) to ensure the availability of their jet and prevent any inconveniences associated with "renting" a plane.

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No Position Cost

No position costs in european airports.

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Empty leg

Access to the exclusive empty leg club, you can take any Luwing empty leg free of charge

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Special discount program up to 48 hours roundtrip flights

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Tailor made

We customize the services according to your needs, creating a tailor-made product

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No Overnight Cost

No overnight parking cost in European airports.

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Unlimited flexible take off time.

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Free cancellation up to 24 hours before take off.

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Personal concierge available 24h

Flight Example

London – Genève
Euro  5700
Euro 5900
Euro 6300
Genève - Paris
Euro 4300
Euro 4500
Euro 4800
Milan – Ibiza
Euro 7500
Euro 7800
Euro 8300
Nice – Milan – Nice
Round Trip
Euro 4900
Euro 5100
Euro 5400
Paris – London – Paris
Round Trip
Euro 5500
Euro 5700
Euro 6100

Jet Card

Luxwing’s jet card is the ultimate way to travel in style and luxury. Luxwing handles everything from boarding to landing, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. Learn why Luxwing is the best private jet cards provider, from luxuries to safety.

A prepaid Luxwing jet card lets you book corporate jet card rides. You may book flights for yourself or others using your jet card, making it convenient and flexible.

There are many benefits to having a Luxwing jet card, including the following:

  • Access to a large fleet of private jets
  • Ability to book flights quickly and easily
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • No long-term commitment is required
  • Competitive Pricing

Luxwing’s jet card is an amazing way to get around. It offers reduced jet bookings, saving you money while getting you there. The card also offers you access to an aviation staff that will help you plan and execute your flights.

Luxwing’s jet card is ideal for frequent fliers seeking affordable private flight travel. Luxwing’s unique offer lets consumers save money and fly in style and comfort with over 4,000 aircraft and various booking options. Luxwing’s best jet card can help you travel easily, whether you’re a business executive or a traveler.