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Fly to Sardinia: the pearl of Mediterranean

Fly to Sardinia

You don’t need to fly out of the Mediterranean to find a real exotic island. Land in Olbia or in Cagliari to discover a different world full of ancient beauty. Sardinia captivates with its beaches and jet set lifestyle. The coastal drive thrill, wild nature and pure waters are the mix of this unique island. Luxwing can bring you to this paradise, in perfect comfort. We can arrange the best catering for your flight, exclusive transfer with limo and reservation of the most charming hotel.


Here is our selection of the Sardinia treasures
by Luxwing Communications 


Beach Beauties

Sardinia has some of the dreamiest beaches you’ll see in your life. The sand really is that clear and white, sometimes pink,  the sea the bluest blue, like a Van Gogh painting. Imagine dropping anchor in Costa Smeralda’s scalloped bays, on the north east of the island, where celebrities and tycoons swim in emerald waters; playing castaway on the Golfo di Orosei’s coves, where sheer cliffs ensure total privacy; or sailing to La Maddalena’s cluster of granite islands. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, right after Sicily, but there are many islands of Sardinia that you can also visit, pearls of a great treasure.

Costa Smeralda

The Costa Smeralda, in the north east part of the island, is the most famous place of Sardinia. It begins about 12km north of Olbia and is as 10km piece of wild land between the gulfs of Cugnana and Arzachena. Although strict rules were imposed to prevent a massive and uncontrolled building development – you won’t see any multistorey hotels, advertising hoardings or fast-food restaurants – the area has little in common with the rest of Sardinia, and the luxurious holiday villages have something artificial and vaguely fake, but this hasn’t stopped the biggest tycoon from coming with their mega yacht and buy huges properties.

Food & Wine in Sardinia

Sardina is a paradise for gourmet too. Sardinian culinary tradition goes hand in hand with its natural variety: deeply tied to the past and based on genuine food and home-made products, it switches between the flavours of roasted meats, typical of the internal land (cooked according to local variants), the delicious fish recipes typical of the coasts, passing through the numerous sweets and cookies made with almond paste, honey, sapa (Cooked Grape Must Syrup) and to the tasty and full bodied local wines. At the end, a good espresso, like everywhere in Italy.

Time Machine

Sardinia has been polished like a pebble by the waves of its history and heritage. The island is scattered with 7000 nuraghi, bronze age towers and settlements, tombe dei giganti (‘giant’s grave’ tombs) and domus de janas (‘fairy house’ tombs). Down every country lane and in every 10-man, 100-sheep hamlet, these remnants of prehistory are waiting to be pieced together like the most puzzling of jigsaw puzzles.