Why pay full cost when you can cut it? With LuxWing Fractional Program, multiple owners share the costs of purchasing, leasing and operating the aircraft. You buy a “share” of an aircraft, rather than an entire jet. As owner, you’ll have guaranteed access to that plane, and you’ll have access to the full LuxWing fleet, and may upgrade or downgrade for specific flights. At the end of the contract, you can sell the share either back to LuxWing or to another owner waiting for a position.


With LuxWing Fractional Program, you’ll have all the owner advantages without heavy bills. You’ll benefit our highly experienced aviation professionals, highest standards of safety, technical assistance and customer service, ensuring that our aircraft management solutions meet all regulatory requirements under EU OPS-1. We will maintain your private aircraft and provide flight operations support, management and flight planning, maintenance schedule, crew scheduling and training. All you have to do is enjoy your flight.

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Forget about the stress of organising everything beforehand, we will take care of all. Enjoy your private plane as an owner with fractional operating costs. Fly High. Fly LuxWing.


What is fractional ownership of the jet?

Fractional Jet Ownership is perfect option for investors, whether being a private traveler or company. This gives the persons concerned the convenience of owning a private jet without forking out all costs associated with full ownership. By joining the LuxWing Fractional Jet Ownership program, investors enjoy an array of benefits associated with the program. Predominantly, investors have share of the ownership of the Aircraft and not merely a certificate awarding such privilege. Further benefits enjoyed by virtue of this program are outlined hereunder.

How does fractional ownership of the jet work?

The Fractional ownership of the Jet refers to a form of co-ownership of the aircraft. The program is set up in accordance with the Companies Act – Shipping and Aviation Cell Companies Regulations, Subsidiary Legislation 386.22 of the Laws of Malta which provides for cell company structures. The cell is comprised of six (6) co-owners awarded with shares and officially registered with the Malta Business Registry.

The typical fractional ownership owner

The ideal investor for the Fractional Ownership Program is someone flying more than 50 hours per year across the geographical area of Europe.

Advantages of the fractional ownership of the jet

The Fractional Ownership Program offers a variety of benefits which present an excellent travel option for many frequent travelers. Amongst others, the program guarantees the following benefits:

Flexible Availability: The aircraft will be ready for your perusal promptly.

Additional Depreciation Deductions: Where the aircraft is used for business activities, the owner may benefit from depreciation deductions related to the ownership. This would not be possible in case of simple charter of the aircraft in a standard flight.

Privacy: Flying on a private jet ensures ultimate privacy. Given that the Jet is registered under the fractional airline name, the trip will remain private since your name will not be attached to your flying activity on publicly available data sources.

Reduced Flight Costs: Costs and expenses tied with owning an aircraft are distributed amongst the fractional jet owners. In this way, the investor is not expected to pay for all costs associated with the jet’s services, maintenance, and crew. The absence of financial liability makes fractional jet ownership very affordable.

What are the costs associated with fractional ownership of the jet?

1. Acquisition cost

Upon purchasing the 1/6th fraction of the company which will own the Jet, the Investor will have to pay the acquisition cost, otherwise known as a capital fee. The fee will be directly related to the size of your share. Investors may decide to purchase more than one fraction which will in turn allow you to increase the amount of hours available for your travel.

2. Monthly management fees

The Monthly Management fees include fixed costs related to the management of the Jet, such as insurance, full pilot training, aircraft passes and administrative expenses. The Luxwing Fractional Jet ownership program is the only program available on the market that includes both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

3. Hourly rate

The program incorporates a low hourly rate for flying. With every fraction purchased, the investor obtains hundred (100) hours to be utilised within twelve (12) months. This fare includes flight related costs, crew wages, fuel, maintenance and engine reserves.