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Top 6 Most Expensive Private Jets

Chartering private jets is great, and Luxwing bring you many of the benefits of owning a private jet, such as 24/7 flights 365 days a year, but what happens when the sky’s not the limit? Today we’re looking at the most expensive planes in the world.

6th – Trump’s Boeing 757 – $100 million

Donald trump’s personal private jet has secured him a place on this list and it’s worth a cool 100 million dollars. The jet was was bought from a Microsoft co-founder, but in typical Trump fashion has been outfitted with his name and synonymous gold colour scheme inside and out. The jet can hold up to 23 passengers who can watch a movie on the 52inch flatscreen TV or take a nap in one of the two bedrooms.


5th – Boeing 747-81 VIP – $153 million

The Boeing 747 is one of the most popular commercial planes in the world, identified by many for its two stories. The Chinese real estate investor Joseph Lau decided that a commercial jet would make a perfect home in the sky, so transformed the plane into a private palace. The plane has a spiral staircase connecting the two floors which gives enough space for several guest rooms, a huge meeting room and even a personal gym!

4th – Boeing 767-33a/er – $170m

Roman Abramovich is no stranger to luxury travel, he is the owner of the one of the most expensive private yachts and several impressive cars. The Russian business tycoons personal jet is a huge Boeing 767, capable of carrying up to 300 people, but Roman has tried to make that a little more personal. There is, however a 30 seat dining room, perfectly spacious enough for carry his Chelsea football team from game to game.

3rd – Boeing 747-430 – $233m

As the richest monarch in the world, the Sultan of Brunei Haji Hassanal is expected to have something luxurious for international travel. This is the largest of his 4 planes and includes a living room, bathroom and bedroom, all decorated in gold – not forgetting the solid gold wash basins. The jet cost $100 million dollars from Lufthansa, but the Sultan spent a further $130 million to personalise it.


2nd – Airbus- a340-300 – $450m

Capable of carrying 375 passengers up to 9,000 miles, this is the private plane of the richest man in Russia – Alisher Usmanov. With a base price of $230 million, it was already an expensive bit of kit, but after spending almost the same again adding a few accessories and personalisation to the plane, you can expect the best in terms of Technology, design and security.


1st – Airbus A380 Superjumbo Jet custom – $500 million

This is the second jet of Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal of Saudi, the first of which could have also made this list. At $500 million you can expect the best, so it’s not a surprise its nicknamed the kingdom in the sky. Amongst other features, the plane includes a Turkish bath, a prayer room with self-adjusting prayer mats that always face mecca and a garage, so that you can bring your Rolls Royce along for the ride.

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