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This year we have the best Christmas present for you. Unwrap it NOW


Here’s an incredible festive offer for you!

For a very limited time only we are offering you an additional day FREE when you book a flight for two or more days in one of our medium sized jets! This is perfect for a Christmas or New Year’s Eve break, allowing you to enjoy a long weekend instead of an overnight trip. Or Maybe you just fancy a vacation day on an extended business trip? Either way, we know that an extra day can mean a lot, and we’ve all been in that situation where you have a scheduled flight home, but all you want, is one more day to explore the city or to stay with friends, so we challenge you – What would you do with an extra day? Don’t waste it! If the extra day wasn’t enough, we’re also going to pay for all of the passenger taxes for your trip! Bring your friends, bring your family, bring whoever you can fit in one of our mid-sized jets and enjoy Christmas, New Year’s and the extra day together! This is a limited and exclusive offer, offering a combined saving up to 40% on your trip! Give us a call before the 28th December to secure your place for some more information and to get in touch with us.

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