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Take your pets with you on your private flight!

Flying private has it’s many benefits, and one that we’ve found particularly popular to our customers is the ability to take your pets when you travel, but with much less stress involved (for both you and the animal) than when flying commercial. Of course, you will still need to fill out some papers for your pet, but Luxwing can assist you in doing this, and at least your furry friend will be flying right up front with you.

Luxwing is happy to take all sorts of pets along for the journey. Cats, dogs and even birds, as long as birds and cats are kept in cages, and dogs are kept on leads throughout the flight. Big pets do, of course, take up the space of one passenger, simply because keeping animals in front of emergency exits or in the isle is a safety hazard.

The other important thing to bear in mind if you plan on traveling with your pet is to make sure they have had all their international vaccinations and customs documents/ passports prepared specific to the destination you are traveling to. This can take up to 6 months to complete, but without completing this pets can be denied entry and in some cases even euthanised! So it’s worth making sure everything’s in order before setting off.

Another little tip to make sure your pet has the best trip possible relates to keeping them nice and relaxed throughout the flight. Dogs particularly can get very excited during flights, so it’s worth taking them for a long walk before the flight and bringing along some of their favourite toys so they feel at home. Once on board, pets will be close enough for regular, reassuring check-up from you and our flight crew throughout the flight!

So whatever kind of pet you have, give us a call today and we’ll arrange to have your pets fly besides you at all times. If you have any further questions about flying with animals, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we’ll make every effort to get you and your pet in the sky as quickly as possible!


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