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Among the most beautiful European capitals, you should definitely visit Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, with its various cultural and scenic beauties.

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Between cultural heritage and transgressions, fun is guaranteed and you will return home fully satisfied with your holiday. Amsterdam has several peculiarities, don’t worry about the transport to move, it is the city of cycling, full of cycle paths allows excellent road network for those who use the two-wheeled vehicle.

The canals of the city will enchant you, made in the twelfth century have allowed the transport of goods and urban development. Unesco World Heritage since 2010 give a magical perspective of the city. You can not leave the city without taking a boat ride!

Among the main tourist attractions are the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum.

The first tells the story of Anne Frank, the young Jewish woman who kept a diary in the period when she and her family were hiding from the Nazis. The house in which they lived with another family is today a museum that tells the dark parenthesis of European history and the conditions in which many Jewish families were forced to live.

The second unmissable attraction is the Van Gogh Museum, the largest collection of works by the artist. The museum also hosts contemporary temporary exhibitions.

There will be windmills and tulips, Amsterdam boasts beautiful landscapes.

For the lovers of the open air and sport the Vondelpark, with an extension of 48 hectares awaits you. Piazza Dam will show off its Baroque style buildings, don’t forget to visit the equally beautiful interiors.

The fun will not fail, after visiting museums and architecture, make a visit to the red light district, including clubs, coffee shops and showcased women who practice prostitution you will see another face of Amsterdam, the most transgressive and wild. Desserts and beers will not be lacking.

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Warm up for Christmas at the Best European Christmas Markets!


Despite originating in Germany, Christmas markets have become a winter tradition across Europe. These markets are great for really getting into the festive spirit, the perfect way to spend the cold winter nights in the center of a city. For those of you who haven’t been to a Christmas market and don’t know what to expect, we suggest wrapping up warm and getting ready to enjoy live, festive music with a glass of mauled wine. There are usually plenty of carnival games and food, such as Crepes or German Bratwursts. You may also find Ice Skating and rides at some of the bigger markets. They also make great places to buy unique presents, as there are plenty of one-of-a-kind handcrafted gifts available, perfect for a last minute shopping.

The largest of all Christmas markets is of course in Germany, but there are plenty of other Christmas markets in all major cities across Europe and they are a great way to explore a country’s Christmas traditions. Have a look below for our list of the best in Europe.


Viennese Christmas Market – Vienna – 13th November to 26th December


Brussels Christmas Market – Brussels – 27th November to 3rd January


Tivoli Christmas Market – Copenhagen – 19th November to 31st December


Helsinki Christmas Market – Helsinki – 3rd December to 22nd December


Strasbourg Christmas Market – Strasbourg – 25th November to 31st December

Christmas Markets in Bordeaux – Bordeaux – 27th November to 27th December


Cologne Christmas Market, 21st November to 23rd December

Weihnachtszauber at the Gendarmenmarkt – Berlin – 21st November to 31st December

Striezelmarkt – Dresden – 30th November – 21st December


Maastricht Christmas Festival – Maastricht – 26th November to 27th December


Budapest Christmas Fair and Winter Festival – Budapest – 11th November to 6th January


Christmas Market on Piazza Navona – Rome – 1st December to 31st December


Christmas Markets – Luxembourg City – 22nd Nov to 24th December


Christmas Fair – Warsaw – 9th November to 8th December


Old Town Christmas Market – Stockholm – 19th November to 23rd December


Christmas in Leicester Square – London – 11th November to 8th January

Bath Christmas Market – Bath – 24th November to 11th December

Edinburgh’s Christmas – Edinburgh, Scotland – 12th December to 7th January

Whether visiting in your home town, whilst on a trip or going specifically to experience some Christmas magic, Luxwing want to wish you a merry Christmas and hope you enjoy your Christmas market experience. If you need help getting there or perhaps fancy taking a tour of some of the best markets across Europe – we can help, call us and we will organise every aspect of your trip today!