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Flying with pets: the benefits of a private flight

When traveling with your pet it is very important to ensure that the flight it is the least stressful possible. Private flights are currently the best solution because they are able to provide numerous additional benefits compared to commercial flights.

Luxwing allows you to travel in the cabin with your cat or your dog, limiting stress for you and your pet.

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Flying with pets: why should you choose a private flight?

Flying with pets can be very relaxing and fun and the benefits that a private flight puts at your disposal if you travel with your dog or cat are many.

The most important is the possibility of traveling in the cabin with your pet even if it is a large dog. The commercial airlines, however, allow you to travel with your pet in the cabin only if you have a small dog or a cat.

Another great advantage is the absence of movement restrictions for your pet during the flight: you do not have to keep it on a leash or inside the carrier because you can easily keep it next to you and leave it free to explore the environment.

A private flight allows both you and your pet a less stressful and happier journey. In this way you will not be forced to give him some sedatives to make him relax: just bring your toy or his favorite blanket with you.

And if you need extra services once you arrive at your destination the Luxwing staff will be happy to help you meet all your needs. Discover all the services we provide!

Some advice if you fly with your pet

We at Luxwing love pets and for this we want to share some extra tricks that will allow you to spend a good flight with your dog or cat.

Make sure you have all the documents of your pet: some countries restrict access to pets. You may need to do at your dog or cat some particular vaccination or you may need a good health certificate issued by your vet.

If your dog or cat has never traveled by air, ask your veterinarian to prescribe an anti-emetic drug: in this way you will help them not to suffer from air sickness.

For the rest, have a good trip!

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Fly to Spielberg

Fly to Spielberg to see Austrian Moto Grand Prix. From 10th to 12th of August 2018

Motorcycle Grand Prix event returns at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.


Marc Màrquez, Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa will be there to battle at the Red Bull Ring.

The Spielberg Red Bull Ring is in a beautiful place, in the Murtal region of Styria. It was built in 1969 but in 1996 it was rebuilt with a new aspect that it still has today.

It has been named Spielberg Red Bull Ring since 2011.

You can buy your ticket for the 2018 MotoGp online, you could see hard head-to-head duels.


The official national language in Austria is the austrian german and in the middle of August weather is very good, during day there are 24° C and during the night around 11°C. It’s advisable to take a jacket for cold hours.

Austria is full of mountain ranges where about 8.8 million people live. It is a country rich of culture and history. The capital is Vienna, this country has beautiful forests, rivers, lakes and valleys.

The neighborhoods of the city are particulary enchanting.

Vienna is a big city, full of artistic influences, from the Baroque style to the imperial palaces, full of locals, pubs and musical and cultural events.

Styria is located in the southeast of Austria and it is famous for its good wine and enchanting castles. The capital of Styria is Graz, a town surrounded by greenery.

Do not miss the Austrian Motorcycle Grand Prix, you can attend the races and visit a beautiful place full of traditions.