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Charter fight: which private jet is right for me?

There are many reasons that can lead you to decide to choose a charter flight rather than a commercial flight. You can decide to fly on a private jet for business reasons, for example, for medical needs, logistics or simply because this type of flights is better suited to your lifestyle.

Luxwing has a wonderful fleet of private jets to travel on. The choice between one and the other depends primarily on your personal needs.

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Charter flight: Luxwing’s private jet fleet

Our fleet currently consists of 8 splendid private jets including a wonderful Cessna C750 Citation X, the fastest private jet in the world available on the market.

The choice between one and the other jet depends very much on the number of passengers. The maximum number of passengers we currently can carry is 10.

All our private jets have a bathroom, leather interior and ample luggage space. The pressurized cabin with air conditioning allows us to ensure our guests not only an extra-luxurious but also extremely comfortable flight.

Customize your flight according to your needs!

If you need to personalize your travel experience we are at your disposal. We can set up our private jets with all the equipment you need, including medical equipment.

Upon arrival, we can also provide you with the transport service or a personal concierge to whom you can refer during the whole trip.

If you are struggling with the organization of a private flight, then do not hesitate! Be guided in choosing the best jet for you from our experience! Flying with Luxwing is always synonymous with professionalism, safety and quality.

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halloween fastivals in europe

5 Best Halloween Festivals in Europe to visit on 31 October

You do not need to go to the USA to celebrate Halloween. In fact, there are many Halloween festivals organized throughout Europe to visit during the scariest night of the year. If you are planning a trip with your family on October 31, prepare to live strong emotions!

We have selected the 5 best European destinations in which to spend the night of Halloween full of fun and strong emotions.

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Halloween Festivals in Europe: 5 best destination for your trip

# 1 London – England

The beautiful English capital have a long and bloody history and it’s full of ancient buildings, scary alleyways, dark corners. It is here that the legend of the famous serial killer Jack The Ripper was born. For these reasons, London has always been considered one of the most famous haunted cities in Europe.

Why should you visit London on October 31st? You should visit it to participate in the beautiful masked parades that are organized through the streets of the city!

# 2 Transylvania – Romania

What better travel destination for the Halloween night of the city that according to ancient legends gave birth to Dracula? Transylvania is one of the best European destinations for October 31st.

You will have the opportunity to participate in the numerous Halloween Festivals organized on the streets of the city and, moreover, to visit even the Bran Castle, the famous Dracula’s Castle.

# 3 Edinburgh – Scotland

Often we forget that Halloween originates from ancient pagan festivals and in particular from the festival of Samhain, of Celtic origin. This festival is still celebrated in Edinburgh during the scariest night of the year: October 31st.

In facts, this is why one of the best tourist destinations for Halloween is Edinburgh with its beautiful castle and its dark old streets.

# 4 Barcelona – Spain

What a beautiful city is Barcelona with its international charm, its splendid monuments and its culinary delicacies! Few know, however, that it is also one of the favorite Halloween destinations for tourists.

On 31 October, in fact, one of the most exciting Halloween Festival comes to life, the “Dia de los Muertos” inspired by the famous Mexican festival. Why not participate in this scary masquerade parade?

# 5 Prague – Czech Republic

If you want to take part in an exciting and unforgettable Halloween Festival, you can not miss Prague. In the most spectral night of the year this beautiful city is transformed because is preparing to host one of the most beautiful Halloween festivals.

If you want an unforgettable trip, we recommend a visit to the Old Jewish Cemetery and moreover the Sedlec Ossuary.

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Plan your next trip

Plan your next trip: fly to Amsterdam for a dream vacation!

Plan your next trip and if you don’t have time, think about Luxwing for you.

If you don’t have clear ideas and can not decide your next destination don’t worry, we’ll take care of it!

Among the most beautiful European capitals, you should definitely visit Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, with its various cultural and scenic beauties.

Plan your next trip: fun is guaranteed

Between cultural heritage and transgressions, fun is guaranteed and you will return home fully satisfied with your holiday. Amsterdam has several peculiarities, don’t worry about the transport to move, it is the city of cycling, full of cycle paths allows excellent road network for those who use the two-wheeled vehicle.

The canals of the city will enchant you, made in the twelfth century have allowed the transport of goods and urban development. Unesco World Heritage since 2010 give a magical perspective of the city. You can not leave the city without taking a boat ride!

Among the main tourist attractions are the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum.

The first tells the story of Anne Frank, the young Jewish woman who kept a diary in the period when she and her family were hiding from the Nazis. The house in which they lived with another family is today a museum that tells the dark parenthesis of European history and the conditions in which many Jewish families were forced to live.

The second unmissable attraction is the Van Gogh Museum, the largest collection of works by the artist. The museum also hosts contemporary temporary exhibitions.

There will be windmills and tulips, Amsterdam boasts beautiful landscapes.

For the lovers of the open air and sport the Vondelpark, with an extension of 48 hectares awaits you. Piazza Dam will show off its Baroque style buildings, don’t forget to visit the equally beautiful interiors.

The fun will not fail, after visiting museums and architecture, make a visit to the red light district, including clubs, coffee shops and showcased women who practice prostitution you will see another face of Amsterdam, the most transgressive and wild. Desserts and beers will not be lacking.

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Designblok in Prague is back: from October 25th to 29th the International Design Week

Designblok is back: a highly anticipated event for fans of fashion and design, from 25th to 29th October the Czech 
capital will host the International Week of Design and Fashion.

Designblok: artists from all over Europe

Artists and designers from all over Europe will come to the city with their innovative ideas and projects.
Prague will become the focus of contemporary art for the five days of the event and the Old City and the New Town 
(different districts of Prague) will be invaded by stages and works by artists. From fashion to accessories, from 
furnishings to jewels, from objects to art.
A mix of works, exhibitions, installations and parades that will keep you in suspense.
The beauty of the city alone is enough to attract people from all over the world but the Design Week is an excellent
contribution. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, the city is rich in history and culture, nightlife is relentless.
You will be fascinated by the castle, an unmissable element in the works of Kafka and you will appreciate the 
cathedral of San Vito, one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe.
Let yourself be conquered by the main districts of Prague, the New Town and the Old City have much to offer you.
If you decide to visit the beautiful capital, among the five most beautiful in Europe, don't forget to visit the 
Jewish ghetto. 
The Jews lived in these few square kilometers from 900 to 1708, generating a sort of labyrinth in which shops and 
houses intertwine with each other. The cemetery perfectly matches the idea, the graves are arranged in a disorderly 
Fly with Luxwing
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Palermo capital

Palermo Capital of Culture 2018: don’t miss the chance!

Palermo Capital of Culture 2018: the Sicilian capital has nothing to envy to other Italian cities.

The many dominations, Arab, Norman, Spanish and Phoenician have helped to make the city a cultural center full of different influences. On warm days in Palermo you can admire the historic center, the Cathedral, the “Quattro Canti”, the enchanting intersection of the two main streets of the historic center, the Palatine Chapel, The Norman Palace. Via Maqueda and Via Roma will be perfect for shopping enthusiasts.

Palermo Capital of Culture 2018: the specialty is the food

The real specialty of Palermo is the food, from the “panelle”, chickpea flour fritters, to the “crocchè”, cylinders of potatoes, from the sandwich with the spleen to the “arancina” (in Palermo is a feminine noun, elsewhere becomes a masculine noun, the “arancino”), balls fried rice with different fillings.

The atmosphere of Palermo will captivate you, the warmth of the inhabitants will make you feel at home and you will not want to return home. Sicily is an island and has beautiful coastline, you can visit Mondello, the favorite beach of Palermo, where you can enjoy a good ice cream or a “granita”, another culinary specialty.

Palermo Capital of Culture 2018 hosts Manifesta

Also this year Palermo is the capital of culture 2018 and hosts Manifesta, the European nomad biennial of contemporary art. Museums, installations, churches and shows await you. Piazza Pretoria, called “Piazza delle Vergogne” by the inhabitants, will enchant you with its statues in white Carrara marble, the figures carved without clothes triumph in the square next to the Town Hall.

Between good food, excellent company (you hardly do not make friends with the inhabitants) and the favorable climate is one of the cities to see absolutely. The markets of Vucciria and Ballarò will overwhelm you with smells and tastes, the sellers scream all the time and you will find every kind of food, clothing or home accessory.

Take advantage of the opportunity, book one of our flights. Luxwing will take you into the city of culture 2018 without stress or loss of time in planning your trip.

Fly in safety, fly with Luxwing.

Have you never seen Barcelona

Have you never seen Barcelona? You don’t know what you’re missing

Barcelona, ​​one of the main Spanish cities, is an unmissable tourist destination.

If you have not yet visited the Sagrada Familia, you have not admired the decorations of Park Güell or you have not bought fruit and vegetables from the Boqueria, you absolutely have to book a flight.

Have you never seen Barcelona? The city is rich in culture

The city is rich in culture and places to visit, home to many works of Gaudì, you will be enchanted inside Casa Batllò and you can not avoid a compulsive shopping along Passeig de Gràcia.

And if you don’t like the big and confusing city, the small streets of Gràcia, Barcelona’s district, will flood you with tradition and small shops. You will feel at home.

In the evening you will never miss the fun, you can jump from one place to another in El Poble-sec, or enjoy some good beers along the Barceloneta, one eye to the sea and the other to good typical food.

Have you never seen Barcelona? You must try the appetizers

You will taste the tapas, the Spanish appetizers, among the most different, it will be impossible not to find them everywhere.

You’ll lose one, ten, and a hundred times in the Rambla crosspieces, one of the main arteries. You will find at the Barrio Gotico hundreds of shops, pubs and clubs, all different from each other, all incredibly fascinating.

Barcelona will remain in your heart and you will leave a piece of yours.

Don’t worry about making an itinerary, the city itself will guide you and you will find street parties and events everywhere, you just have to walk down the street.

And if you want to enjoy a little green, take a bike ride, learn with skateboarding or take a small boat ride in a special pond, the Citadel Park awaits you.

Do not waste any more time, breathe the magic of the city as soon as you land, book your flight with Luxwing.

You just have to choose the dates, we’ll take care of the rest!

fly to genoa

Fly to Genoa! The largest aquarium in Italy awaits you

Fly to Genoa! One of the four maritime republics, which has always been a tourist and maritime center, a historic city full of culture, is home to the largest aquarium in Italy, second only to the one in Valencia, Genoa is a destination where you still don’t know to go.

The tourist attractions are not lacking and not even good food, don’t miss the pasta with pesto.

Fly to Genoa: visit the ancient port

In the area of ​​the ancient port you can find from the aquarium to the Biosphere, the glass and steel bubble designed by Renzo Piano that houses tropical plants and small animals, from Galata, a famous maritime museum to the Bigo, a crane-like metal structure that has a panoramic lift, from the “Magazzini del Cotone” to the “Città dei bambini”, the largest area in Italy dedicated to the fun of children.

Fish and aquarium enthusiasts could not choose a better destination.

The 58th edition of the city’s International Boat Show will also be held from the 20th of September. An annual event that attracts thousands of people related to the nautical industry.

The product variety is wide and the Nautical Salons, which organize the event, promote the sea culture of sport and entertainment.

One of the three major exhibitions for recreational boating

One of the three major exhibitions reserved for recreational boating, recognized by the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers. The hall extends for 30,000 square meters, with a water mirror of 100,000 square meters. If you’re still not convinced to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, it’s because you have not tried our flights.

The inhabitants od Milan will be pleased to know that one of our empty legs will fly from their city on September 16th, just in time to visit the city a few days before taking part in the most anticipated boat show of the year.

Travel around the world, travel with Luxwing.

Paris is waiting for you: the city is full of events and enchanting places

Paris is waiting for you, you do not make it wait.

Fly to the city of love

Fly immediately to the city of love, Luxwing will accompany you on your journey.

The city of the Louvre, the Arc du Triomphe, the champs-élysées, the Pompidou museum and the Moulin Rouge is buzzing with events throughout the month.

From the Paris design week, the itinerary with 250 participants who promote a design of excellence, to the thirtieth edition of the biennial antiques that every year involves hundreds of fans.

The Paris design week will be held from 6 to 15 September, while the antiques event will take place from 8 to 16.

Paris is waiting for you: the UEFA Nations League

If you think it’s over here you’re wrong, the UEFA Nations League, France vs Netherlands match will be held on September 9th.

The UEFA Nations League, or League of Nations, in which the Nationals of the European Confederation face each other, is the competition that will replace the international friendly matches of the FIFA calendar from September 2018.

Unmissable opportunities for fans of football, antiques and design but also for travelers, for all those who dream of visiting Paris, for art lovers who find in the Louvre a precious destination.

The inhabitants of Cuneo will be pleased to know that one of our empty legs will start on September 9th from their city to Paris, take advantage of it, many different emotions await you.

Fly to the HOMI

Fly to the HOMI in Milan with Luxwing, an unmissable appointment

Milan’s HOMI is coming back, the event linked to the home and furnishings that every year attracts hundreds of people is about to begin. From 14 to 17 September at the Milan Fair will be held the international event dedicated to the care of the home, the person, design and furniture.

A fair that develops in a dynamic path that aims to spread and expand the business

There will be various exhibition areas where sellers and buyers will deal and inform about all the new developments in the sector.

The term HOMI itself is dedicated to the theme of the fair, the O refers to the individual and his lifestyle, MI refers to Milan, the city that hosts the event always updated with regard to the latest fashions.

Milan, the industrial capital of northern Italy, reserves unexpected surprises and surprising tourist centers. Capital of industry, fashion, shopping and design. An unmissable opportunity for travelers who are planning to plan their next trip around the world.

Fly to the HOMI: ten exhibition areas

The HOMI will accompany you in ten exhibition areas: the Living Habits, table, kitchen and furniture; Wellness & beauty, bath, relaxation and sport; Fragrances & Personal Care, fragrances for the person and the environment; Fashion & Jewels, clothing, accessories and jewelery; the Gift & Events; the Garden & Outdoor, for the garden and outdoor furniture; the Kids Style, dedicated to the little ones; Home Textiles, for textile furnishings; Hobby & Work, work, music and hobbies; the Concept Lab, for food, editor and contact. Do not take advantage of our flights would be a waste, Luxwing is always ready to accompany you on your travels in complete relaxation. You can also take advantage of our empty legs, the inhabitants of Heraklion will be pleased to know that one of our charters will fly to Milan on the 13th of September, one day after the start of the HOMI.

Fly safely, fly happy, fly with Luxwing.

Ryder Cup 2018

Ryder Cup 2018: for the first time in France

Are you a golf enthusiast? Do world competitions fascinate you? Does the idea of ​​participating in a similar event excite you? Would you like to visit France? Would you like to visit France with a great excuse?

Luxwing has the solution for you.

Luxwing has all the solutions you are looking for.

The Ryder Cup is the most anticipated and most followed golf competition in the world and this year for the first time held in France at the Golf National de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

From September 28, the whole world will follow the famous competition, why miss the chance to watch live?

The camp is located near Paris and is one of the few in Europe with a capacity of about 80,000 people.

Third on the podium after the World Cup and the Olympic Games, the Ryder Cup takes place every two years and provides for the competition of two teams, one European and one American.

The two stages provide a match in Europe and one in the United States. Three days, marked by golf and great emotions, some of the biggest names in this sport have participated, from Tiger Woods to Severiano Ballesteros, from Sergio Gracia to Phil Mickelson.

If you can’t wait to participate in this unmissable event do not waste time organizing your trip, let’s think of everything!

Luxwing offers private flights, support at all stages of your journey and a precise and meticulous organization. Maybe after participating in the first French leg you will want to fly to the United States to continue to follow the competition, even in that case Luxwing will be your faithful friend.

Do not miss the opportunity, block your flight in comfort and relaxation.