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Please join us in welcoming a new addition to our fleet – The Cessna Citation VI

Our fleet is getting a little bigger soon, as we introduce a new plane in the form of the CESSNA Citation VI! The Citation VI is known for reliability as well as high performance, and is certified to the same level as commercial jet liners (FAR part 25).

The jet is also very fast! After climbing to its flight altitude of 51,000 feet it can reach speeds of 850 km/h, with a maximum range of 3,774 KM, giving you the ability to get around not only in Europe, but also longer routes such us Africa, Russia and other places! Its fantastic speed and wide range of operation are achieved thanks to the Citation VI’s aerodynamic design, lightweight materials and powerful engines, facilitating the smoothest, most comfortable ride possible.

Stepping inside our new plane you can immediately see that it’s very spacious. The plane is 1.8m high, 1.7m wide and a little over 7m long, giving a total volume of 241 cubic feet. All of this adds up to space for six passengers, two crew and plenty of storage for 1,400 litres of baggage!

We look forward to welcoming you into our new plane as soon as possible, give us a call to arrange a trip and check it out for yourself. You can also chat with us online and we’ll help arrange your entire trip in this, or one of our other planes, which you can get more information on and compare on the ‘Our Fleet’ page of our website here!

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