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Formula 1 – The Perfect Excuse to Visit Barcelona!

The Formula One season is well underway, and next weekend, the 5th race of the year will be held in Barcelona, Spain. A city full of architecture, beaches, nightlife and cuisine. So what better reason to plan a trip. The event is held at the circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya – which is about 20km or a half hour car ride from Barcelona city center. The weekend event is split into three days, as usual, the first being Friday the 12th of May, which will consist of a few practice laps for drivers to get use to the track. Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th are the interesting days, as they are the Qualifying and Main Race respectively. There are a variety of tickets available including a three-day pass, which also gives you the possibility to take a walk around the pits.

If you are interested in going we’d recommend gathering your friends or family and taking one of our bigger planes such as our new Cessna Citation VI, capable of holding up to 8 passengers! You could then enjoy the race in comfort and style by booking a viewing suit at the track. Positioned just above the pit lanes, the suit offers room for up to 30 guests, including tapas and drinks, a hostess, and one of the best views of the race.

If you’re planning to go with a smaller group, why not take one of our smaller planes for up to 4 people such the Embraer Phenom 100, perfect for business and client trips. There are then plenty of tickets for seats in the stands for either a specific day, or for the entire weekend.

If you haven’t been to Barcelona before, or have already enjoyed the city and want to visit again, then this is the perfect time. Since winning his championship titles in 2005 and 2006, Fernando Alonso has become a major celebrity in Spain, increasing the sport’s popularity throughout the country. And despite his disappointing start to the season, you can expect a carnival atmosphere throughout the racecourse and the city center. If you have few more days available, there are plenty of historic buildings, cathedrals and restaurants you must check– including one which made it into our list of the top 10 restaurants to visit in Europe.

If you’re interested in the event, make sure you give us a call. Not only we will make sure we book you the perfect plane for your needs, we will also help to arrange all of your travel plans, from transfers, to tickets and eating to tourism. Experiencing Formula 1 won’t get better than this!

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