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Fly private to Madrid, Paris, Ibiza, Milan and many more destinations for less!

A few weeks back, we explained the new concept of our empty leg seats program, where we give our customers up to 70% off pre-scheduled flights! You can also watch this video that we put together, explaining the concept and benefits that are on offer. This week we just want to take a moment to tell you about our most popular destinations on offer for June. Perfect for an early summer holiday!

We’re offering you huge savings on flights to and from Ibiza, allowing you to arrive on the beautiful island in style, and ready to jump straight into the party atmosphere! If that’s not quite your scene, you can still enjoy the more relaxed side of the island, although the opportunity to visit some of the biggest club nights in the world is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Milan is a great destination for shopping, culture and art galleries. And as a popular destination we fly to and from, it has made it onto this list. There, you can see works such as Leonardo da Vinci’s infamous painting of the last supper. We’ve also got some discounted flights to Paris, where art and shopping can once again be found on every street corner.

If you’re a fan of tapas and sun, we’ve got a lot of flights scheduled to Madrid in Spain, and if you’d like to spend part of your summer in England, there are many flights scheduled all over the country including popular airports in London, Oxford and Blackpool.

These flights are sold on a first come first serve basis, and although we are adding more and more flights every day, once they’re gone, they’re gone. So book quickly in order to take advantage of these offers! Visit our empty legs page to see the live, full list of flights on offer, and then get in touch with us to arrange your flight!

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