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Our Favorite Locations that are Best Visited Flying Private!

Flying private brings with it many luxuries, but few seem to realise that it can in fact get you to places that are otherwise inaccessible. A lack of direct commercial jet routes or direct transport means that the places we have listed below are some of the most exclusive in the world, not only remote, but also luxurious and eloquent. If you are interested in taking a trip to a private island or remote mountain top, then look no further – Luxwing have outlined the best places in the world that are made more easily accessible through private aviation. Just choose one and we’ll take care of the rest.

Buzios, Brazil

The Brazilian seaside resort of Buzios is one of the most upscale and exclusive resorts in the country. And if you’re not one for taking several connecting flights or long drives, then a charted jet is the perfect transportation to this rustic beach town. Once you’re there, the center is full of high class dining and nightlife, with plenty of bars, clubs and fantastic restaurants to enjoy. The beaches are also fantastic, and if you’re a fan of surfing then you’re in luck as there are plenty of water sports including surf lessons by top professionals.

Naladhu, Maldives

The tiny island of Naladhu is the the most luxurious places in the Maldives. Facing out onto the Indian ocean, the clear turquoise waters and white beaches even surpass the elegance of the rest of the Maldives! There is, of course, plenty of sea life, so snorkeling is a must during your visit. If you do decide to visit the exclusive island (there are only 20 villas), then the only alternative to private jet is a boat ride from the mainland.

Calivigny Island

This huge private island is one of the most exclusive destinations in the world, and it’s pretty spectacular. The €100 million retreat is 80 acres big and boasts views of the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans from its two beaches. The Island can sleep up to 50 guests and the easiest way to get there is by private jet, so gather up your friends and family, as they will all want to get in on this experience!

Song Saa Island, Cambodia

Song Saa is a private Island off the coast of Cambodia, most of the resort is untouched by man leaving plenty of tropical rainforests and protected coral reefs – both holding plenty of exotic animals, just waiting to be explored. The part of the island which has been developed is home to a mere 24 luxury private villas which include world class spas. The entire island was built with sustainability in mind, so you can feel proud whilst you stay on the environmentally friendly island.

Four Seasons Resort and Residences Jackson Hole, Wyoming

As something a little different from the rest of our suggestions in this list, we also recommend this fabulous mountain resort. Perfect for Winter or Summer, whether you are after skiing, hiking or mountain biking, Jackson Hole in Wyoming has it all! The hard to reach corner of America is best traveled to to by private jet, to avoid a very long drive and, winding mountain trails. As part of the famous Yellowstone natural park, you can expect some of the best mountainous nature and wildlife in America, including natural hot springs and geysers. And what better way to see these marvels of nature than by flying in via private jet and getting the birds eye view!

Necker Island

Probably the most famous private Island in the world, Necker Island is owned by Sir Richard Branson, and can be rented out for up to 34 guests. The 74 acre island is part of the British Virgin Islands and includes tennis courts, pools and two beaches for you to enjoy during your stay. Unfortunately, the island can only be reached by private jet, but the good news is we have you covered!


Are you interested in any of the places we’ve listed above? These difficult to-get-to getaways are a great way to escape the city, and flying private allows the benefit and flexibility of jumping straight back to civilisation when you need. If you’d like some help booking a trip, you can give us a call and we’ll not only fly you from A to B but arrange all of your itinerary and transfers on the other end.

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