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Check out our latest adventures on Luxwing’s brand new video page!

Today we are happy to announce the launch of Luxwing’s brand new video section. From now on you will be able to watch our crew in action and follow our adventures up in the air.

Here at Luxwing we are always working to improve our services. In doing so, our objective is to offer a much better experience to our clients by enhancing our transparency and commitment. All of this is possible only by making as many resources as possible available to our stakeholders via the different offline and online channels at our disposal.

The creation of the video page on our Luxwing website will give you a deeper understanding of our work and passion that we put into it. We love to involve you in what we do daily, because trust is essential when flying. We want to build it by showing you our expertise, professionalism and flexibility, every day, every time we take off.

We invite you to follow us for more video updates on our video page and our Youtube channel!

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Luxwing Video Page:

Stay tuned for more adventures with Luxwing!

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