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Charter a jet for your September meetings? Check out our Business Empty Legs

We have recently published an article with recommendations on the best events that you should visit around Europe this month, and because the summer holidays have come to an end and everyone is getting back into work, we included over 20 business conferences and trade exhibitions, helping to give you a little push getting back into the office. What’s better is that Luxwing are offering tons of discounted flights to major locations across the world, including London, Paris, Geneva and many, many more, making those after summer international meetings just a little bit easier!

How does it work? The empty legs programme gives our clients discounts up to 70% on pre-determined routes, using planes which would otherwise be empty. Our huge list of empty leg flights can be seen on our empty legs page, which is updated daily!

There is a lot of choice and the list keeps growing and changing, but if you don’t see exactly what you need, make sure to give us a call, as some routes are flexible and we may be able to give you information on soon to be added flights which aren’t online yet!

Of course, we guarantee our empty leg flights come with the same quality and professional, luxury service as our regular flights. The only difference is huge discounts for our customers. So if you’re planning an upcoming business trip check out our empty legs page to see if you can save money on identical flights, then give us a call for more information and pricing. We also created this video containing more information about the empty legs programme, and if you still have questions, you can chat with us directly though our website! Contact us now to see how much you could save!

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