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Calling all musicians – We fly to your tour destinations!

If you’re a musician planning an international tour, then you’re in luck! We can take you around the globe to concerts and shows! No matter how many, how often or how far apart! But what are the benefits of flying private over flying commercial as a traveling artist? Today we’re going to be letting you know all the benefits of private aviation as a musician and how it can make your tour better and more enjoyable!

Speed and Efficiency:

One of the main reasons artists choose to fly with Luxwing is because of our speed and efficiency. Having the ability to arrive only 30 minutes before take-off is a huge benefit and will not only reduce the stress of passport control and luggage checks, but will also give you more time to set up at your destination, and even cram in an extra show per day!

Proximity to your Final Destination: 

 Along the same lines of saving time, Luxwing strive to fly you as close as possible to your destination, as well as provide private transfers between airport and venue, meaning even less time spent away from the stage. Of course, this busy schedule is going to leave you exhausted! And we know how tiring a touring artist’s agenda can be. If you fly with Luxwing, our cabin crew are experienced in taking care of your needs, from tailored catering to comfortable sleeping arrangements and on-board entertainment. We will make sure that you’re in flight experience is adequately personalised to suit your needs.

Storage Capacities:

 If you’re traveling with a large entourage and band, then flying private offers even more benefits! Luxwing’s large fleet will certainly have something capable of matching all your requirements. So you can be sure that we’ll find a way to fit all your crew and band members, making sure that everyone gets the VIP treatment they deserve! We also have planes with larger storage capacities, so if you need to carry equipment and instruments, you can be sure that valuable possessions are kept where you can see them, without incurring any additional fees from airlines.


 Lastly, we know that sometimes, your plans have to change. Perhaps one of your concerts is cancelled, or a last minute extension is made at a venue. Luxwing are happy to accommodate for alterations with very short notice, so we can get you where you need to be, with minimum hassle to you.

If you’re interested in reserving a plane for a tour, and experiencing the fastest, VIP, venue to venue travel imaginable, then give us a call or contact us through our website, and we’ll help plan your travel arrangements and pick out the perfect plane for your needs.

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