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Unmatched luxury & comfort

Luxwing offers a top-notch flying experience with premium amenities, including comfortable seating, personalized catering, and exclusive lounge access, providing unparalleled comfort throughout your journey.

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Flexibility & convenience

With Luxwing, you can customize your travel schedule and itinerary to suit your specific needs, enabling you to save time and enjoy maximum convenience. Whether you're flying for business or leisure, Luxwing provides flexibility like no other commercial airline.

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Time-saving & efficient

Luxwing's private terminals and VIP services ensure that you bypass the hassle of crowded airports and long check-in lines, enabling you to save valuable time and make the most of your travel time. With Luxwing. you arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed, ready to embark on your next adventure,

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Commercial flights

These flights operate on scheduled routes and are typically used for business or leisure travel. Passengers can book tickets for a specific itinerary, date and time Commercial flights are regulated by aviation authorities to ensure safety and security for passengers and crew.

Charter flights

Charter flights are private air transportation services that operate on a customized schedule and route for a specific group of passengers. These flights are typically booked by corporations, sports teams, or individuals who require flexibility and privacy in their travel arrangements Charter flights provide a convenient and personalized alternative to commercial flights

Executive flights

With Luxwing you can fly on demand to all destinations of the world. Just get in touch with our sales department to create a service tailored to your needs, which also includes the most exclusive ground services with a dedicated 24-hour concierge. Traveling with your own private plane guarantees you the highest level of privacy and comfort.

Cargo flights

Luxwing Cargo division is specialized in dangerous goods and radioactive materials are air transportation services. The aircraft used for these flights are equipped with specialized containers and packaging to ensure the safe handling and transport of the materials. The crew are also specially trained to handle and respond to any potential emergencies that may arise during the transport of these materials

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What We Do

Lux Airlines is a young and dynamic private fly carrier, born to fulfill the needs of the jet traveler for a seamless service starting from logistics to the comfort of flying on-board one of our lux jets, providing a unique experience.

Our Private Fights Services

All our services are tailored to our clients, to provide the best personalized package, such as private flights. Our strategy is built on experience, professionalism, and adaptability to provide our clients with excellent service that adds value.


Our work is more than a job. Luxwing is a private air charter service provided by the best private aviation pilots, who love flying and will take care of every aspect. Private Jet Charter Performance And Specifications

Private Jet Charter Performance and Specifications


Our charter service will make fly by private jet glamorous and pleasant.



Suitable for seven to eight people, while some types can accommodate up to fourteen people.



Your privacy is guaranteed by an ACS charter, and we will collaborate closely with your security provider on every facet of your charter.


The finest luxury, personal service, safety, security, and confidentiality, plus cheap private jet flights. We exceed expectations due to our private aviation experience and passion. We make every trip personal.

Our Air Charter Services


At Luxwing airlines, we highly experienced aviation professionals are dedicated to providing a complete business private jet service.


We specialize in luxury flights, book private jet & flexibility to match our clients’ needs. From the initial inquiry to the flight.


When you choose to fly with Luxwing, we will provide you with a dedicated logistics service to organize all transfers…


Luxwing offers a customized Personal Concierge service in all the mundane and touristic areas, and by aligning…