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6 Reasons why Japan is on our to go List

We love to travel, which is why we’ve dedicated our lives to getting you from A to B in the most enjoyable way possible. Like every year, we’ve got plenty of trips planned – plenty new places to visit and also some places we want to revisit.

This is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Asia and its popularity is growing year on year. Check out our top 6 reasons below as to why Japan is the place to go this year!


The food

Right at the top of our list is the food and there’s no surprise that it’s here. With Sushi, Ramen and Udon to name a few, Japan has some of the most unique foods in the world and although they are now international staples, as the birth place of these delicacies you can expect the best of the best on every street corner, restaurant or bar. Japan also has the most three Micheline star restaurants in the world, so you can expect quality as well as quantity!

The culture

The culture in Japan feels as though it’s all about pleasing you! Although the language barriers can be difficult at times the locals will go out of their way to help you with anything and everything, and as well as being extremely polite and fun to talk to, they seem to have the amazing ability to remember your name, only after the first meeting! All of this means that Japan is the safest place in Asia and one of the safest places in the world, allowing you to have fun and enjoy yourself without constantly looking over your shoulder or being intimidated by a new country.

It just works!

One of the things that never seems to amaze us about Japan is the fact that everything just works! Firstly, it is ridiculously clean! Even Tokyo looks like something you would see in a Utopian sci-fi movie. You will never see litter scattered around the streets, and public servants are always smart and well dressed. Secondly the transport is just incredible! It has the third fastest trains in the world, and the trains are literally always on time. So much so that if a train is more than 5 minutes late you will receive an apology and a delay certificate to show at work. If a train is over an hour late, it may even make the news!

Beautiful structures

The ancient Buddhist temples and shrines are something not to be missed! These one of a kind structures will blow your mind as to how beautiful and pretty they look amongst the trees in bloom. If you want to see some of the best buildings, head to Kyoto which is one of the best preserved cities in Japan or Nara which is home to 8 UNESCO world heritage sites!

Beautiful landscapes

So far we’ve spoken a lot about the cities, buildings and technology in Japan, but have you ever thought about the natural scenery? Mount Fuji is of course the first to come to mind, and, as the tallest peak in Japan it’s absolutely stunning, even to look at from the bottom. There are also plenty of bamboo gardens to stroll through on a spring day.

The most advance country in Asia and even the World

We’ve all noticed that half of the electronics in our homes are made in Japan and what this means is that the country is heavily surrounded by futuristic tech! In fact, everywhere you go you’ll be surprised by something new and amazing making it feel as if you’ve broken free of the 21st century and been flown to somewhere in the future.

What are your thoughts? Are you interested in visiting Japan or do you have somewhere else in mind? Let us know on one of our social platforms where is your dream destination and we might feature it in one of our news articles!

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