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Check out our Top 5 Airport Lounges in the World


Airports, for most people, are a thing of general discomfort and stress, which is partially why we are finding more and more people deciding to travel private, to avoid the ever growing list of problems around security, check in, and navigating huge terminals. However, we know that sometimes commercial jets are still the only option, and we are here with some advice on how to make those journeys as pain free, if not enjoyable as possible.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the Top 5 best airport lounges in the world, which include everything from spas and bars to hairdressers and cars.

5. Thai Airways Royal First lounge and Royal Orchid Spa, Bangkok

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The royal first lounge and spa is the largest lounge in the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, and although only ranked at number 5 on our list it offers a great preflight experience from beginning to end.

The lounge has a capacity of 134 people with 2 VIP rooms, 6 private corners and a 22 seat a-la-carte dining room serving a range of Thai food. There are also several private rooms available to take a nap or showering, and once you have checked in at the first-class check-in, you are taken via golf kart to the lounge.

What really makes the Thai Airways lounge stand out is the spa, where first class passengers receive a complementary one-hour full body treatment and business class passengers can choose between a half hour neck and shoulder or foot massage. The spa also has other facilities to make use of including steam rooms and saunas.

4. Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Frankfurt

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The Lufthansa first class terminal in Frankfurt airport is pretty special. Firstly, you may be wondering how you get from the first class terminal to your flight, and they’ve really made the experience unique. Taking a lift down from the lounge, you will arrive in a garage, where you will be collected by a driver in a Porsche or Mercedes who’ll drive you over the tarmac, straight to your plane doors.

On top of this VIP lounge-to-plane experience, the lounge offers a cigar lounge and bar as well as a restaurant, showers and a sleeping area. They’ll even return your rental car for you so you don’t have to lift a finger during your travel.

3. Qantas First lounge, Sydney

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This lounge has all your regular amenities but what makes it stand out from the rest is its design. The lounge contains 8,400 plants throughout in a ‘vertical garden’ arrangement, helping to bring a little bit of tranquility to your travels. If that’s not enough, Qantas also offer complementary spa treatments to its guests and of course private seating areas, restaurant style dining and a bar.

2. Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Class,  Doha, Qatar

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The main feature of Qatar Airways Al Mourjan lounge in Doha is the design. This beautiful, minimalist lounge is filled with art and high ceilings, the picture above is of the staircase leading up to the dining area which spirals around a beautiful water feature and pond. All of this provides a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, and the dividers throughout the lounge provide a spacious yet private feeling.

The restaurant serves made to order sandwiches 24/7, as well as a buffet and an a-la-carte menu. The lounge also has a games room which includes several games consoles, retro arcade machines, table football and even a Formula 1 simulator!

1. Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, London Heathrow

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The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in London Heathrow is at the top of our list because it offers premium flyers, everything they could ever envision needing before a flight. Besides from its modern and stylish design, this lounge is able to provide plenty of hours of enjoyment, relaxation or space for work depending on what you need.

One of the biggest standout features is the salon where guests can get a quick haircut before boarding their flight. There is also a spa and shoe cleaners to keep you looking and feeling fresh before your flight. The lounge boasts a few other stand out features like a games room, hosting a pool table and several video games, as well as a multi-screen cinema where you can watch a range of TV programs and sporting events. There is of course a large restaurant with table service or a deli buffet depending on what you want for lunch. In the center of the club house is a huge champagne and cocktail bar serving a range of classic and modern cocktails to all its guests.

Do you agree with our list? Keep checking back here for more premium travel articles and stories.

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