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Private jets are increasly used but a lot of people don’t know anything about these trips. If you love travelling, for business or for leisure, if you want to see Italy or Japan or Brazil, you should read this information.

Are private flights only for rich people?

Today is possible to travel with a private jet though a lot of people think that isn’t simple. The cost of one trip is of $6000 for normal jets; for light jets the price is half of this and is usually $3000 every hour but for a minimum of 2 hours at day.

Online you can find every information about cheaper private jets charter that have price at very low cost.

Price of first classes is lower then private flight ones.

If you are not rich don’t worry, you can fly however.

Fast and security

Networks and hubs of private jets are the same of normal and commercial airlines, but there are some differences. Main difference is that private jets are faster and fly higher then commercial flights.

For a better flexibility, the private jets can use better winds and fight bad weather.

Furthermore, if you travel with a private jet you don’t stop till tank is empty.

Commercial Flights vs private jets

Private jets are more flexible respect at the commercial flights.

If weather is bad, airport could cancel a commercial flight while with private jets you can go anywhere without any problems.

Private flights track could be changed any time and any place, even if you are travelling.

With private flights you can fly everytime, everywhere.

Program before the travel

Commercial airports are usually full of people but with private flights everything is more relaxing.

With private flights you can cancel your travel at every moment without problems in normal trip you can’t do it.

Private flights don’t need any security procedures and it is a new way to travel that will probably change the way you see the world.

To arrive quickly at your destination it is now really possible and pleasant. Private flights leave you the chance of chosen where to go.

The services of private jet charter are very special and cheap, planning a new travel around the world is up to you.