Month: May 2017

Travel with Luxwing to the 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival!

Last week was the start of the biggest film festival in the world – Cannes, where film makers from around the globe come to show off some of the best work in the industry at the prestigious event. The event started in Cannes, France on May the 18th, and is relishing in 2 weeks of non-stop movie screenings, after show parties, and award ceremonies. This year marks the 70-year anniversary. So expect something big!

This year, our most anticipated film has got to be The Killing of A Sacred Deer by Yorgos Lanthimos, who’s feature film The Lobster gained a nomination at Cannes for its screenplay last year. The psychological thriller-horror film stars both Nicole Kidman and Collin Farrell, who plays a surgeon who adopts a sinister teenage boy. Another film we’re looking forward to seeing and is showing at Cannes this year, is The Mayerworitz Stories. The Netflix distributed comedy is directed by Noah Baumbach, and has an all-star cast including Adam Sandler, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thomson and Ben Stiller!

If you’re not so keen on movies or Hollywood style after parties, Cannes may still have something for you. The glamorous town is full of luxury restaurants and world class patisseries, as well as gorgeous public and private beaches – perfect at this time of the year. If you’re up for a bit more pampering, we’d recommend the spa in the Le Mas Candille hotel where you’ll undoubtable rub shoulders with some Hollywood A-listers.

If you’re interested in taking a last minute trip to the film festival, or have your ticket and just need to sort a flight, give us a call. We’ll land you right in the middle of the world’s hottest film festival, in as equally luxurious style. Give us a call or contacts us through our website to find out how else Luxwing can improve your trip to Cannes, including door-to-door transfers and tailored advice on how to spend your trip.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Private Jet?

One of the biggest luxuries in life is travel. And if flying private is the icing on the cake, then owning your own plane is the cherry on top. However, it’s not as easy as buying a car and driving it straight out of the showroom. There are countless expenses, legal procedures and maintenance costs that need to be taken into account. If, however, you are flying more than 350 hours per year, the costs and issues in owning your very own private jet are usually justified. Here at Luxwing, we currently have a fleet of 11 planes, and we’ve used that experience to help others in getting the best deals when purchase planes too! So if you need some help finding a plane and getting through the process, give us a call, and we’ll help find you the plane of your dreams.

The price to purchase for a private jet varies tremendously. If you’re looking at new jets, then small planes which can hold around 8 passengers range between $3 million – $8 million. Whereas a large plane which can hold up to 12 passengers and travel more than 4,000 miles may cost anything up to $45 million dollars.

Alternatively, a second hand plane is always an option, but with that come several issues you should be aware of. Although the plane can cost considerably less, second hand jets often run up hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair bills, especially if they aren’t yet meeting all of the industry regulations. This can ground your bargain plane for months, and the problems are likely to keep popping up regularly. On the other hand, new planes are normally sold with a 5-year warranty, which although doesn’t cover your day-to-day wear and tear, is certainly a welcomed benefit. This is not to say that buying a second hand jet is a bad idea, it’s just good practice to have an expert on hand to make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

After finding the perfect plane, you’ll probably want to look at adding a few personal touches, and depending on budget the world is your oyster. From solid gold showers and hot tubs, to dining rooms and movie theatres. There is little designers can’t do nowadays. However, a full interior overhaul by a professional designer will set you back a hefty $85 million! If instead, you decide you don’t need so many premium fixtures, a simpler interior revise stars at around $750,000.

The last step in purchasing a private jet is keeping it running, which is in no means to be underestimated! Insurance, fuel, catering and pilots can cost over $150,000 per year! There are then the costs of aviation lawyers who will help with the purchase, and of course the logistics of finding and selecting your crew and pilots, plane maintenance, coordinating flight schedules and parking the plane when it’s not in the sky. It’s an impossible job to do on your own. Thanks to our years of experience, Luxwing are well versed in all these operations, and help many clients daily with the management of their private plane – Helping to make sure that everything runs smoothly and is always ready for a last minute departure!

If you’re interested in getting your foot on the aviation ladder, give us a call and discover how we can help you in buying you your very own jet and managing it on and off the ground. Alternatively, we can give you the VIP treatment through chartered planes, meaning all the perks without the drama. If you’re looking for motivation, have a look at our article on the top 6 most expensive jets where number one costs a whopping half a billion dollars!


Help us support the 100th Giro d’Italia – Tour of Italy

Last week began the 100th Giro d’Italia. A 3,615km, 23-day event in which the best cyclists from around the world, compete in an epic race around Italy. This year, the event starts in Alghero on the island of Sardinia, before catching a plane to Sicily, exploring the south of Italy, traveling through the alps and finally crossing the finish line in Milan on the 28th of May. A complete tour of this beautiful country. Luxwing have always been huge fans of the event, and as one of the most prestigious cycling tours in the world, it is an honour to be flying one of the teams this year! Needless to say, we will be supporting them through every leg of the journey. If you are interested in visiting one of the stages or following the entire race, Luxwing want to help fly you there.

One of the biggest benefits of flying private is the superior luggage capacity when compared with commercial flights, as well as having no restrictions or check-in hassle. So if you are a keen cyclist, flying with Luxwing will give you the opportunity to bring your bike along and try out some of the Giro d’Italia routes for yourself! Have a look below at the list of stages the cyclists will be riding through.

1 – Alghero, Sardinia

2 – Olbia, Sardinia

3 – Tortoli, Palermo

4 – Cefalù, Palermo

5 – Pedara, Sicily

6 – Reggio Calabria, Calabria

7 – Castrovillari, Calabria

8 – Molfetta, Apulia

9 – Montenero di Bisaccia, Molise

10 – Sagrantino, Umbria

11 – Florence, Tuscany

12 – Forlì, Emilia-Romagna

13 – Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna

14 – Castellania, Piedmont

15 – Valdengo, Piedmont

16 – Rovetta, Lombardy

17 – Tirano, Lombardy

18 – Moena, Trentino

19 – San Candido/ Innichen, Trentino

20 – Pordenone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

21 – Monza, Lobardy

If you’re a fan of cycling, Italy and, competitive sports, come and join us in cheering on the cyclists at this year’s monumental event. We’ll help to get you there in the same style as the professionals, so you can practice, support or just enjoy Italy’s beautiful towns and countryside. Give us a call now to arrange your trip!

The Place to be this Month – Elite London’s Luxury Fair

On the 11th & 12th of May 2017, Elite London will be hosting the fourth annual exclusive jet set lifestyle event at London’s Biggin Hill Airport. The event showcase the very best combination of luxury aviation, boats, cars, brands, and experiences. But as the event is being held in one of London’s most accessible small airports, private jets can fly in and out easily, so you can get as close to the action as possible! From there it’s a short helicopter (6 minutes) train (15 minutes) or car (50 minutes) ride to the center of London. Biggin Hill Airport is one of Luxwing’s most common destinations, so we’re looking forward to seeing the transformation that will take place for the event!

As the name suggests, planes come first and foremost at the jet set lifestyle event. Showcasing private and commercial Jets, turboprops and helicopters the event promises to offer demo flights as a way of ‘flying before buying’. You’ll also get a chance to take a look at some pre-owned aircrafts for sale. You’ll find brands like Mistral Aviation, Ultimate Jet Magazine, Helicopter Life Magazine and many more, all there on the day giving information and showing you round some of the finest aircrafts available today.

If you’re looking to diversify your travel portfolio, then this event may also have something for you. Not only is the best of aviation exhibiting at Elite London’s event, but there will also be many premium boats and cars on show. Displaying some of the biggest brands in British boating alongside an enormous car collection including everything from classic cars to luxury cars, supercars to hyper cars, and 4X4 to racing cars, as well as a wide selection of pre-owned cars up for sale or for show.

To compliment the luxury transportation on offer during the day you’ll also find a large array of brands who want to showcase some of the best in both male and female jewelry, fine arts, fashion and gifts. Brands like Attilus back caviar farm, Buddha bar London, Berkeley group, Chapanys, Kingston & Chelsea magazine and PGA Europro tour will all be there, just to name a few. There will also be a set area showcasing the best in international events including everything from heart stopping super car rallies to elite escapes on a private island – the perfect complement to your private travel.

If you decide to stay an extra few days, or get bored of the champagne receptions, massage treatments, fine food, wine and pop up fashions shows, then there are plenty more things to do in London, which is only a short 12km, drive, fly or ride away. Known for its shopping, London is full of rich department stores such as Harrods, Fortune and Masons or Liberty, tailoring for its upmarket cliental. There are also 66 Michelin star restaurants in London from World renound chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Alain Ducasse.

If you’re interested in the event, give us a call! We’ll make sure you get the most direct flight, straight to Biggin Hill airport, so you can step straight off the tarmac, and into the fair. If you fly with Luxwing you will receive advice and assistance when planning your trip, so if you decide to spend a night in London or check out some of the cities tourist attractions, we can help with that. Visit our website to find more information about available flights. And make sure you visit The Elite’s website to find more information on the event and get your tickets. As always, we’ll fly anywhere if this event doesn’t sound quite up your street. Stay tuned for more suggestions, or let us know where you’d like to go, and maybe we’ll write an article about it!