Pregnant Passengers

Travel for pregnant passengers

Your comfort and safety as an expectant mother are very important to us.  Here are a few rules and guidelines that we have put in place to ensure you have a healthy and enjoyable flight. You should continue reading the below to make sure that you are well prepared and ready to fly.

Documentation required

To travel with us while pregnant, we will need assurances from a medical expert about your state of health. Proving that you are fit to fly is done by acquiring the right documentation and presenting this at check-in. The kind of documentation needed will depend on how advanced your pregnancy is. 

Less than 28 weeks of pregnancy: you will be able to fly with us without the need of any documentation. 

In cases of pregnant passengers who are between the 29th week of pregnancy until the 32nd week, the passenger is required to provide a medical certificate. 

Beyond the 32nd week of pregnancy, an accompanying filled-in MEDIF Form is also required alongside the medical certificate. Passengers who are in the last week of pregnancy are not accepted for air travel.

Please note that flying when 36 weeks pregnant or more is not recommended.

Newborns: If your baby is not yet born at the time you are making your reservation, please do not include the baby in your reservation at this point.  Once the baby is born, please contact our international call centre to update your reservation and include your newborn in your booking. 

Air travel is not recommended for new-born babies within the first seven days after birth. When air travel is necessary within the first seven days or in cases of medical reasons, you will need clearance as issued by Luxwing Ltd’s own medical doctor. You are kindly requested to contact our Medical Help Desk by e-mail, WhatsApp Chat link or your Travel Agency

A ticket for your newborn will be issued and you will be required to settle the applicable fare. Newborns are classified as infants and do not occupy a seat on the aircraft. An infant pays 10% of the adult fare.