The Place to be this Month – Elite London’s Luxury Fair

On the 11th & 12th of May 2017, Elite London will be hosting the fourth annual exclusive jet set lifestyle event at London’s Biggin Hill Airport. The event showcase the very best combination of luxury aviation, boats, cars, brands, and experiences. But as the event is being held in one of London’s most accessible small airports, private jets can fly in and out easily, so you can get as close to the action as possible! From there it’s a short helicopter (6 minutes) train (15 minutes) or car (50 minutes) ride to the center of London. Biggin Hill Airport is one of Luxwing’s most common destinations, so we’re looking forward to seeing the transformation that will take place for the event!

As the name suggests, planes come first and foremost at the jet set lifestyle event. Showcasing private and commercial Jets, turboprops and helicopters the event promises to offer demo flights as a way of ‘flying before buying’. You’ll also get a chance to take a look at some pre-owned aircrafts for sale. You’ll find brands like Mistral Aviation, Ultimate Jet Magazine, Helicopter Life Magazine and many more, all there on the day giving information and showing you round some of the finest aircrafts available today.

If you’re looking to diversify your travel portfolio, then this event may also have something for you. Not only is the best of aviation exhibiting at Elite London’s event, but there will also be many premium boats and cars on show. Displaying some of the biggest brands in British boating alongside an enormous car collection including everything from classic cars to luxury cars, supercars to hyper cars, and 4X4 to racing cars, as well as a wide selection of pre-owned cars up for sale or for show.

To compliment the luxury transportation on offer during the day you’ll also find a large array of brands who want to showcase some of the best in both male and female jewelry, fine arts, fashion and gifts. Brands like Attilus back caviar farm, Buddha bar London, Berkeley group, Chapanys, Kingston & Chelsea magazine and PGA Europro tour will all be there, just to name a few. There will also be a set area showcasing the best in international events including everything from heart stopping super car rallies to elite escapes on a private island – the perfect complement to your private travel.

If you decide to stay an extra few days, or get bored of the champagne receptions, massage treatments, fine food, wine and pop up fashions shows, then there are plenty more things to do in London, which is only a short 12km, drive, fly or ride away. Known for its shopping, London is full of rich department stores such as Harrods, Fortune and Masons or Liberty, tailoring for its upmarket cliental. There are also 66 Michelin star restaurants in London from World renound chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Alain Ducasse.

If you’re interested in the event, give us a call! We’ll make sure you get the most direct flight, straight to Biggin Hill airport, so you can step straight off the tarmac, and into the fair. If you fly with Luxwing you will receive advice and assistance when planning your trip, so if you decide to spend a night in London or check out some of the cities tourist attractions, we can help with that. Visit our website to find more information about available flights. And make sure you visit The Elite’s website to find more information on the event and get your tickets. As always, we’ll fly anywhere if this event doesn’t sound quite up your street. Stay tuned for more suggestions, or let us know where you’d like to go, and maybe we’ll write an article about it!

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