Palermo Capital of Culture 2018: don’t miss the chance!

Palermo capital

Palermo Capital of Culture 2018: the Sicilian capital has nothing to envy to other Italian cities.

The many dominations, Arab, Norman, Spanish and Phoenician have helped to make the city a cultural center full of different influences. On warm days in Palermo you can admire the historic center, the Cathedral, the “Quattro Canti”, the enchanting intersection of the two main streets of the historic center, the Palatine Chapel, The Norman Palace. Via Maqueda and Via Roma will be perfect for shopping enthusiasts.

Palermo Capital of Culture 2018: the specialty is the food

The real specialty of Palermo is the food, from the “panelle”, chickpea flour fritters, to the “crocchè”, cylinders of potatoes, from the sandwich with the spleen to the “arancina” (in Palermo is a feminine noun, elsewhere becomes a masculine noun, the “arancino”), balls fried rice with different fillings.

The atmosphere of Palermo will captivate you, the warmth of the inhabitants will make you feel at home and you will not want to return home. Sicily is an island and has beautiful coastline, you can visit Mondello, the favorite beach of Palermo, where you can enjoy a good ice cream or a “granita”, another culinary specialty.

Palermo Capital of Culture 2018 hosts Manifesta

Also this year Palermo is the capital of culture 2018 and hosts Manifesta, the European nomad biennial of contemporary art. Museums, installations, churches and shows await you. Piazza Pretoria, called “Piazza delle Vergogne” by the inhabitants, will enchant you with its statues in white Carrara marble, the figures carved without clothes triumph in the square next to the Town Hall.

Between good food, excellent company (you hardly do not make friends with the inhabitants) and the favorable climate is one of the cities to see absolutely. The markets of Vucciria and Ballarò will overwhelm you with smells and tastes, the sellers scream all the time and you will find every kind of food, clothing or home accessory.

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