Gulfstream G200

The G200® was originally named “Astra Galaxy”. When Gulfstream Aerospace purchased Galaxy Aerospace the model was rebranded as the Gulfstream G200

The G200® is aimed at the Super Mid-Size jet market. With the longest range at the fastest speed, an advanced cockpit and comfortable cabin.

The Gulfstream G200 is the fastest Super Mid-Size jet business aircraft in the world today. The G200 started breaking speed records even before it went into service.



Cabin Height 6.25 ft
Cabin Width 7.1 ft
Cabin Length 25.5 ft
Baggage capacity 125 cu ft

In summary

9 passengers seating configuration
Leather interior
Galley facilities
Air conditioned and pressurised cabin for passenger comfort
Extremely generous luggage capacity

Range: 3130 nautical miles
Cruising speed: 460 knots
Maximum altitude: 39,000 ft (11,887 m)
Cabin assistance on request
Two flight crew member

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