The Luxwing Cessna Citation VII C650 is low-wing T-tail aircraft with retractable tricycle landing gear. A pressurised cabin accommodates crew of two and up to eight passengers, or if you require the cabin assistant up to seven passengers. The aircraft is powered by two Garrett TFE731-4S-2S turbofan engines and one APU. Space for baggage is provided in the tail-cone.



Height 5.83 ft (1.78 m)
Width 5.67 (1.72 m)
Length 23ft (7.01 m)
Baggage capacity 51 cu.ft (1400 lt)

In summary

7 +1 passengers seating configuration
Leather interior
Galley facilities
Air conditioned and pressurised cabin for passenger comfort
Extremely generous luggage capacity

Range: 2345 nautical miles (3774 km)
Cruising speed: 460 knots (850 km/h)
Maximum altitude: 51000 ft (15600 m)
Cabin assistance on request
Two flight crew member

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