Oktoberfest is coming! Don’t miss the chance!

oktoberfest is coming

Oktoberfest is coming, Germany is in turmoil but also the rest of the world.

The Oktoberfest is the world’s biggest folk festival, each year reaching high numbers of visitors to reach an average of six million and about eight million beer mugs consumed.

Oktoberfest is coming: from September 22nd to October 7th

The most alcoholic event of the year will be held in Munich, Germany, from September 22nd to October 7th. Two weeks full of good beer, including the six historic Munich beers (Paulaner, Spaten, Hofbrau, Hacker-Pschorr, Augustiner and Lowenbrau), excellent food (German sausages not to be missed) and good company.

The fair was born on October 17, 1810, when after the marriage between Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria and the Princess of Saxony Therese von Sachsen Hildburghause, the celebrations were celebrated for five days with all the citizens of Munich.

The event gave way to a tradition, well established today.

Oktoberfest is coming: you can taste the best German beers

The Oktoberfest will be held at the Theresienwiese, which hosts the fair every year with its 42 hectares.

At 12 noon on September 22nd the mayor of Monaco will uncork the first barrel of beer by pronouncing the now famous words “o’zapft is!” (It is uncorked) thus starting the festivities.

Twelve hours a day starting at ten in the morning, during which you can taste the best German beers. Each mug or “mass”, a liter of beer, will not cost more than ten euros.

Admission to the event is absolutely free, you will pay only for consummations.

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