haunted castle in England

Haunted castle on Halloween: plan your private flight for a family trip

Visit an haunted castle on Halloween night is one of the most exciting activities to organize with your family. It breaks the routine and gives children a really scary story to tell their friends when they get home.

If you want to spend an unforgettable night with your family in the name of strong emotions there is nothing better than a visit to one of the many haunted castles on Halloween night!

England it’s the best destination because is really rich in ancient and suggestive castles to visit on Halloween. Below are some examples!

The list of haunted castles to visit on Halloween night

Carlise Castle, Cumbria – North West of England

Carlise Castle in Cumbria it’s one of the most famous haunted castles of England. It is over 900 years old and its construction dates back to the reign of William II of England. Its tower and its dungeons are the protagonists of very scary stories. Just think that: in 1819 a group of workers discovered the human skeletons inside the tower walls.

Castles in South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire is one of the richest areas of ruins and castles and this is one of the favorite destinations for those who enjoy visiting a haunted castle on Halloween night. Conisbrough Castle it’s a perfect destination. It seems that many visitors have sensed a strange wind blowing around them while visiting the keep of this beautiful castle.

Dover Castle – Kent

Dover Castle is the largest castle in England. It was built during the eleventh century and has always been classified as the “Key of England” because of its strategic position and the important defensive role it has played over the centuries. Visit it with your family the night of Halloween will give you intense emotions thanks to its dark tunnels, its high towers and its beautiful views.

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flying with pets

Flying with pets: the benefits of a private flight

When traveling with your pet it is very important to ensure that the flight it is the least stressful possible. Private flights are currently the best solution because they are able to provide numerous additional benefits compared to commercial flights.

Luxwing allows you to travel in the cabin with your cat or your dog, limiting stress for you and your pet.

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Flying with pets: why should you choose a private flight?

Flying with pets can be very relaxing and fun and the benefits that a private flight puts at your disposal if you travel with your dog or cat are many.

The most important is the possibility of traveling in the cabin with your pet even if it is a large dog. The commercial airlines, however, allow you to travel with your pet in the cabin only if you have a small dog or a cat.

Another great advantage is the absence of movement restrictions for your pet during the flight: you do not have to keep it on a leash or inside the carrier because you can easily keep it next to you and leave it free to explore the environment.

A private flight allows both you and your pet a less stressful and happier journey. In this way you will not be forced to give him some sedatives to make him relax: just bring your toy or his favorite blanket with you.

And if you need extra services once you arrive at your destination the Luxwing staff will be happy to help you meet all your needs. Discover all the services we provide!

Some advice if you fly with your pet

We at Luxwing love pets and for this we want to share some extra tricks that will allow you to spend a good flight with your dog or cat.

Make sure you have all the documents of your pet: some countries restrict access to pets. You may need to do at your dog or cat some particular vaccination or you may need a good health certificate issued by your vet.

If your dog or cat has never traveled by air, ask your veterinarian to prescribe an anti-emetic drug: in this way you will help them not to suffer from air sickness.

For the rest, have a good trip!

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last minute charter flight

Last minute charter flight: how to book one with Luxwing

When work and life are overly stressful, you may need a few days holiday to switch off and recharge your batteries. In these cases, booking a last minute charter flight is the best solution because you can live your holiday from the first moment and focusing only on what makes you feel good: your family, relaxation and fun.

Luxwing is your chance to book a last minute private flight with a jet fleet and an experienced staff ready to take you wherever you want when you need it most.

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Last minute charter flights: go to your favorite destination!

Booking a last minute flight with Luxwing is very simple. You need to know your destination, flight dates and number of passengers. Do you need any extra services? There isn’t a problem!

In fact, if you need it, we can reserve for you a personal concierge ready to assist you during your stay, or a private transport service during your entire trip.

We will be happy to help you meet any need during your trip and to offer you excellent quality services!

Booking a last minute charter flight with Luxwing: the empty legs flight opportunity

If your trip has flexible dates, Luxwing offers you the chance to fly on a luxury jet at much lower costs than a traditional plane ticket. In fact, you can take advantage of our empty legs flights ready to take you to some of the main airports of the largest European and foreign cities.

For example, our empty-leg flights are excellent even if you do not want to reach a particular destination and you just want to switch off from everyday commitments and set off to discover one of the most beautiful foreign cities: Paris, London, Rome… There are so many available!

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jet charter Luxwing

Business jet charter: the benefits to a private flight!

Do you need to meet a customer abroad or to attend a conference abroad? In these cases you have two choices: book a first class seat at any commercial airline or hire a private jet that can take you anywhere you want and whenever you want. If you need to reach your destination in no time at all, private jet chartering is the best choice.

True, chartering a private jet is more expensive than a first class seat on a whatever commercial flight, but it’s definitely worth it because the services that jet charter companies can put at your disposal are plenty.

Private jet charter: the best solution for business trips!

When you need to travel by plane you have only two options: choosing a commercial flight or charter a private jet. What distinguishes them?

Private jets are perfect for business trips because they offer numerous advantages to those who choose them. One of the biggest advantages is better management of your time: you don’t need to wait a long time before your flight and you can use the time you that have save to plan your workday, organize business meetings, relax at the hotel or video-call your family on the other side of the world via Skype.

On a private jet you do not have the typical limitations of a commercial flight:

  • you can call;
  • use internet;
  • send e-mails;
  • organize meetings during the flight.

Charter a private jet allows you to plan your trip in no time and agree on landing in the airport that best suits your needs by limiting long mouvements in taxi. If you want, you can also take advantage of the ground transportation service that Luxwing makes available to its customers: in this way you will find a luxury car waiting for you with a driver ready to take you wherever you want during your stay.

Commercial flights can not offer all these services to their customers. They travel according to their schedules and even if they have seats in first class, the waiting time before leaving is the same for all passengers. Although the ticket costs are cheaper the limitations are numerous: you can not make phone calls or use internet and once you arrive at the airport you have to wait to pick up your baggage. Farther if you need transportation to the hotel the only resource are the Taxi.

Charter a private jet makes your travel easier and gives you great flexibility.

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book a private flight with Luxwing

How to book a private flight with Luxwing

Until recently, if you needed a private flight, you had only a few options available: to do without or buy an executive jet at exorbitant costs to use it at your leisure.
Today you have one more possibility: rent a luxury private jet that can accompany you wherever you want.

If you are struggling with the organization of an important business trip or an high altitude meeting between professionals, book a private flight is the choice that ensures you the highest quality, attention to detail, safety and assistance. What’s more, it allows you to take care of your guests and to ensure them extra-luxury treatment!

Luxwing puts at your disposal a wonderful fleet of private jets to be rented according to your needs. We can take you anywhere you want always and assuring high quality services!

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How to book a private flight with Luxwing?

Renting a private jet with Luxwing is simple: just contact us by phone or via website to receive a quote on your travel destination in no time.

Keep at your fingertips:

  • your travel dates;
  • your destination;
  • the number of passengers.


Now let us know even if you have special needs that we can help you meet. We can put at your disposal many useful services both during the flight and once you have arrived at your destination: the catering service, for example, transportation wherever you want during your stay or a personal concierge able to assist you throughout your trip.

Is the date of your trip variable?

It is very likely that when you will be contacted by Luxwing customer service you will be asked if the date of your trip is flexible. If you have the possibility to change even a few days the date you may have the opportunity to take advantage of one of our empty legs flights that will you ensure the same quality and safety at a price within reach of all budgets!

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Important corporate release

Dear Value customers,

it is remind and build awareness of a recent report regarding strange emails and/or letters from unknown sources, which are imitating our company and are requesting money transactions about a job offer.

We would like to inform and insist that we have never issued and/or sent this kind of email/letters and we have never give any authorization to any third party to perform any job application process or any other type of assistance for employee hire or any other type of services.

Please be informed that the email that you received it is NOT to be trusted and it is NOT pertinent to any LUXWING Ltd staff.

LUXWING Ltd is not liable for any unauthorized use of their/this information.

empty legs flights

Empty legs: a private jet charter for your flight!

When you planning a trip the cost of the flight ticket is one of those that most affects the budget you have available. Traveling by air it’s expensive. Spending some time to looking a cheaper solution allow you to use part of your budget for other travel expenses.

Most people in this case simply look for offers on commercial flights. Few people know, however, that they have an extra opportunity to save money: the so-called “empty legs flights” or “deadhead flights”. These flights allow you to save even more than 50% on the cost of a classic flight ticket.

What is empty leg flights?

The empty legs flights are those related to the jets charter normal displacement needs. In fact, it often happens that the jet charter companies have to move his jets from one airport to another after having accompanied a customer, in the waiting for the new customer.

Many jet charter companies, like Luxwing, consider these displacement an unethical use of resources. This is why we offer our customers empty legs flights, low cost flights from one airport to another dedicated to those who wish to save on the cost of flight ticket and who have adequate flexibility.

Last-minute deals: flying with Luxwing empty legs!

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Plan your next trip

Plan your next trip: fly to Amsterdam for a dream vacation!

Plan your next trip and if you don’t have time, think about Luxwing for you.

If you don’t have clear ideas and can not decide your next destination don’t worry, we’ll take care of it!

Among the most beautiful European capitals, you should definitely visit Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, with its various cultural and scenic beauties.

Plan your next trip: fun is guaranteed

Between cultural heritage and transgressions, fun is guaranteed and you will return home fully satisfied with your holiday. Amsterdam has several peculiarities, don’t worry about the transport to move, it is the city of cycling, full of cycle paths allows excellent road network for those who use the two-wheeled vehicle.

The canals of the city will enchant you, made in the twelfth century have allowed the transport of goods and urban development. Unesco World Heritage since 2010 give a magical perspective of the city. You can not leave the city without taking a boat ride!

Among the main tourist attractions are the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum.

The first tells the story of Anne Frank, the young Jewish woman who kept a diary in the period when she and her family were hiding from the Nazis. The house in which they lived with another family is today a museum that tells the dark parenthesis of European history and the conditions in which many Jewish families were forced to live.

The second unmissable attraction is the Van Gogh Museum, the largest collection of works by the artist. The museum also hosts contemporary temporary exhibitions.

There will be windmills and tulips, Amsterdam boasts beautiful landscapes.

For the lovers of the open air and sport the Vondelpark, with an extension of 48 hectares awaits you. Piazza Dam will show off its Baroque style buildings, don’t forget to visit the equally beautiful interiors.

The fun will not fail, after visiting museums and architecture, make a visit to the red light district, including clubs, coffee shops and showcased women who practice prostitution you will see another face of Amsterdam, the most transgressive and wild. Desserts and beers will not be lacking.

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Designblok in Prague is back: from October 25th to 29th the International Design Week

Designblok is back: a highly anticipated event for fans of fashion and design, from 25th to 29th October the Czech 
capital will host the International Week of Design and Fashion.

Designblok: artists from all over Europe

Artists and designers from all over Europe will come to the city with their innovative ideas and projects.
Prague will become the focus of contemporary art for the five days of the event and the Old City and the New Town 
(different districts of Prague) will be invaded by stages and works by artists. From fashion to accessories, from 
furnishings to jewels, from objects to art.
A mix of works, exhibitions, installations and parades that will keep you in suspense.
The beauty of the city alone is enough to attract people from all over the world but the Design Week is an excellent
contribution. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, the city is rich in history and culture, nightlife is relentless.
You will be fascinated by the castle, an unmissable element in the works of Kafka and you will appreciate the 
cathedral of San Vito, one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe.
Let yourself be conquered by the main districts of Prague, the New Town and the Old City have much to offer you.
If you decide to visit the beautiful capital, among the five most beautiful in Europe, don't forget to visit the 
Jewish ghetto. 
The Jews lived in these few square kilometers from 900 to 1708, generating a sort of labyrinth in which shops and 
houses intertwine with each other. The cemetery perfectly matches the idea, the graves are arranged in a disorderly 
Fly with Luxwing
Luxwing can make your idea a concrete journey! Our private jets can take you wherever you want. 
With splendid cities like Prague it is difficult not to take the first available flight.
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Palermo capital

Palermo Capital of Culture 2018: don’t miss the chance!

Palermo Capital of Culture 2018: the Sicilian capital has nothing to envy to other Italian cities.

The many dominations, Arab, Norman, Spanish and Phoenician have helped to make the city a cultural center full of different influences. On warm days in Palermo you can admire the historic center, the Cathedral, the “Quattro Canti”, the enchanting intersection of the two main streets of the historic center, the Palatine Chapel, The Norman Palace. Via Maqueda and Via Roma will be perfect for shopping enthusiasts.

Palermo Capital of Culture 2018: the specialty is the food

The real specialty of Palermo is the food, from the “panelle”, chickpea flour fritters, to the “crocchè”, cylinders of potatoes, from the sandwich with the spleen to the “arancina” (in Palermo is a feminine noun, elsewhere becomes a masculine noun, the “arancino”), balls fried rice with different fillings.

The atmosphere of Palermo will captivate you, the warmth of the inhabitants will make you feel at home and you will not want to return home. Sicily is an island and has beautiful coastline, you can visit Mondello, the favorite beach of Palermo, where you can enjoy a good ice cream or a “granita”, another culinary specialty.

Palermo Capital of Culture 2018 hosts Manifesta

Also this year Palermo is the capital of culture 2018 and hosts Manifesta, the European nomad biennial of contemporary art. Museums, installations, churches and shows await you. Piazza Pretoria, called “Piazza delle Vergogne” by the inhabitants, will enchant you with its statues in white Carrara marble, the figures carved without clothes triumph in the square next to the Town Hall.

Between good food, excellent company (you hardly do not make friends with the inhabitants) and the favorable climate is one of the cities to see absolutely. The markets of Vucciria and Ballarò will overwhelm you with smells and tastes, the sellers scream all the time and you will find every kind of food, clothing or home accessory.

Take advantage of the opportunity, book one of our flights. Luxwing will take you into the city of culture 2018 without stress or loss of time in planning your trip.

Fly in safety, fly with Luxwing.