Do you fancy the beach or the mountains this winter?


It seems to be getting darker and colder by the hour, which means one thing – Winter is well and truly here, and although we can’t change the weather, we can bring you as close to whichever season you feel, whether you prefer soak up the sun or shredding on the snow, it’s time to start planning your winter vacation, and we want to help you make that all important decision. So here are just a few options to help you decide between the beach or the mountains when planning your big winter trip.


Sydney, Australia VS Aspen, Colorado, USA



Australia allows you to spend Christmas in 26°C heat, and it is even common for residents to enjoy a barbecue on the beach for their annual Christmas meal. In our opinion, the long distant flight is worth it to experience wishing fellow beach goers a merry Christmas whilst jumping into the warm, blue sea. It literally doesn’t get any better than if you want a Christmas in the sun. On the flip side is Aspen, one of the world’s most famous ski resorts and for a good reason! After hosting the World Championships in 1950, it became a retreat for celebrities and a practice ground for Olympic athletes due to the difficulty of the runs (there isn’t one green!) Expect many gourmet restaurants and galleries catered for the high clientele, which you can enjoy when not in the snow.


Costa Rica VS Zermatt, Switzerland



­Although it’s a pretty small country, Costa Rica proudly holds 5% of the worlds existing biodiversity throughout its conservations and naturally protected territory that make up 25% of the countries surface area. There are also several amazingly beautiful Volcanos such as Irazù, where, from the top you can see both the pacific and Caribbean ocean! There are also plenty of activities available such as zip lining, and several natural hot springs if you get bored of the beaches.

Switzerland has a reputation for brilliant ski resorts, but Zermatt is leaps and bounds ahead of its neighbours. For starters, it is easily recognised by the Iconic Matterhorn mountain, made famous by Toblerone, but as you get into the town centre, the narrow cobbled street, and luxury restaurants make the picturesque resort even more magical. But the wonders don’t just stop at its aesthetically pleasing nature. Zermatt offers several glaciers providing great snow for the entire region, and the 50 on mountain restaurants deliver some of the best table-to-piest cuisine you’ll ever experience.


South Africa VS Chamonix, France


There is so much to do in South Africa that by the end of your trip you’ll be wishing you could hit the ski slopes to relax. Beyond the Safari’s South Africa has the longest zip lining cable trails in the world and, what better way to explore the the Sabie River than ‘Geckoing’ in an inflatable raft. Don’t forget that all of this is done during the 11 hours of sunshine and average daily temperatures of 26°C.

Chamonix is also aimed at adrenalin seeking enthusiasts, as it is widely recognised as the birth place of extreme skiing, so expect plenty of snow parks if that’s your thing, even just to watch the professionals. Chamonix consists of a huge 11 ski areas, so you have plenty of space to explore. The town centre of Chamonix is about as stereotypical as you would expect from a mountain village, where the cobbled stone roads and ban on cars creates a peaceful mountain atmosphere.


 Dubai, UAE VS Whistler, British Columbia


Dubai is the most glamorous and impressive place in the United Arab Emirites, it is home to the world’s tallest building, largest shopping mall and the largest man-made island to name a few. It has an average daily temperature of 30°C in the winter, and the warm, sandy beaches are ideal to relax on. Meanwhile, British Columbia claims to have the world’s largest ski park, the largest skiable vertical drops and the biggest ski area on the planet – 8,171 acres, just a few thousand more than the largest indoor ski area in… you guessed it, Dubai.


Barbados, Caribbean islands VS Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy



Probably the most recognisably picturesque place on the planet, Barbados is The Caribbean’s biggest islands and the bright white beaches and crystal clear blue water are not the only things on offer in this majestic country, there is plenty of history to explore and plenty of exotic fish and turtles which you can snorkel with. Of course, there is also a variety of luxurious restaurants and bars – perfect for long lunches and dinners.

The Italian resort of Cortina in the Dolomites has been called the most beautiful mountain in the world, and although this is a hard sell, it is certainly up there with the greats. It is the most upscale resort in all of Italy with plenty of boutiques and high class dining. One unexpected side effect of the gorgeous restaurants and bars is that the slopes are usually fairly quiet, giving you plenty of space to practice or carve the beginner and intermediate runs.

The choice really is yours. And with Luxwing you can arrive in style and efficiency, skipping the hassle and queues of commercial flights, getting you into your swimming costume or ski boots faster than you can say “happy holidays!”

The Most Popular Event Destinations this November!


It’s going to be a busy November this year, there are plenty of sporting events, music festivals and luxury fairs in the run up to Christmas and, as always, Luxwing want to help you arrive as quickly and as elegantly as possible, no matter when or where you’re going.

Have a look at the calendar below for the most hotly anticipated events this season and contact us to arrange your VIP travel!

Sporting events

It’s a big couple of months for sporting events. There are several FIFA world cup qualifiers, a couple of grand prix and a few other events. Take a look below, and if you can’t miss a chance watch your team play away, or just want to show support for your country let us get you first class to the front row.

November 10th

  • Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve in Geneva, Switzerland – 3-day event finishing on November 13th

November 11th

  • FIFA World Cup Qualifying – England vs. Scotland in Wembley, London
  • FIFA World Cup Qualifying – France vs. Sweden in Paris, France

November 12th

  • FIFA World Cup Qualifying –  Austria vs. Republic of Ireland in Vienna, Austria
  • FIFA World Cup Qualifying – Luxembourg vs. Netherlands in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
  • 2016 Valencian Community Motorcycle Grand Prix in Valencia, Spain
  • 2016 ATP World Tour Finals in London, England – 9-day event finishing on November 20th

November 26th

  • The Paris Horse Show in Paris, France – 9 day event, finishing on December 4th

November 27th

  • International Golf Travel Market in Lake Como, Italy – 4 day event, finishing on November 30th

Music and Art festivals

It’s November now, and with that we’ve moved on from all the summer music and art festivals, but don’t fear, Luxwing have you covered with these winter wonders to keep you entertained.

November 11th

  • Art Design Festival in Feldkirch, Austria – 3-day event finishing on November 13th

November 24th

  • Monte Carlo Jazz Festival in Monte Carlo – 10 day festival, finishing on December 3rd

Luxury fairs

Looking to make a head start on the Christmas shopping? Here are just a few suggestions which we recommend, and what better way to get all those gifts back home safely than with one of our private jets, capable of carrying up to 2.1 Long Tones!

November 25th

  • Zurich Watch and Jewelry Exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland -3 day event finishing on November 27th

November 1st

  • Meeting Luxury: Swiss International Holiday Exhibition, Luxury Travel – 3-day event closing on the 1st November and starting on the 30th October

November 9th

  • Watches and Luxury Fair in Catania, Italy – 3-day event finishing on 11th November

Motors and Boat shows

And if you’d rather treat yourself this holiday season then there’s plenty going on for that too. Give us a call and we’ll arrange getting you there and back… If you still need it!

November 6th

  • Hanseboot, International Boat Show in Hamburg, Germany – 9-day event closing on November 6th and starting on the 29th October

November 10th

  • Venexpo Boat Fair in Turku, Finland 3-day event finishing on the 13th November

November 18th

  • International Motor Show in Goetzingen, Luxemburg – 3 day event finishing November 20th

If you don’t see something on this list which you’re keen to get in on, give us a call and we will get you as close to the action as we can! You can always contact us through the website chat or directly on or call +356 3550 5496.

Wings of the future: the Eurasian Air Transport Forum is back.


On the 1st and 2nd of November Wings of the Future, the 14th annual Eurasian Air Transport Forum, will be held in Moscow, Russia. The Eurasian air transport industry is about to reach a new height, and this event will discuss changes that technological advancements are having on the industry as a whole, including: the search for new renewable fuels; the impact factors such as globalisation, foreign politics and labour will have on the Eurasian market and how this will effect international operations.

The two-day event will be split into 4 main categories: The future of aviation on the whole, the future of aircrafts, the future of low-cost companies and the interaction that airlines have with airports.

Wings of the Future is set to play host to the exciting line-up of industry leading, key guest speakers shown below. If you’d like to see the full program for the event, please click here.

  • Armin Staigis – Vice President – German Federal Academy for Security Policy
  • Antoine Gelain –Managing Partner – Paragon European Partners
  • Neil Harris –Vice President R&T Business Development & Partnerships – Airbus
  • Max Nilov –Regional Marketing Director – Boeing Commercial Aircraft
  • Sergey Koltovich –CEO – Horizon Bizjet Leasing
  • Vadim Besperstov – Head of Airline IT Sales and Account Management, Russia, CIS and Israel – Amadeus
  • Svend Leirvaag –Vice President Industry Affairs – Amadeus
  • Giorgio Callegari –Senior Vice President for Strategy & Alliances – Aeroflot, Russian Airlines
  • Kirill Budaev –Vice-President Marketing & Sales – Irkut Corporation
  • Arjan Meijer –Vice President Commercial Aviation, Europe, Middle East, Russia and Central Asia – Embraer
  • Mark Gilbert,Director of Business Development and Sales, Russia and the CIS –Bombardier
  • Andrew Pyne –ex-CEO – Cobalt Air & Sr.Partner – Concuros
  • Scott Holland –Marketing Director – Rolls-Royce
  • Yuriy Kurganov – Partner, Senior Expert, Airlines and Aerospace & Defense Practice –Bain & Company

The action packed conference will host over 350 people, the majority of whom are made up of industry CEOs and directors predominantly working with airlines, airports or in the aircraft industry. Luxwing will of course keep you updated with the insights gained from the event, and make sure to check back here for other industry related news!

Is your city one of the most visited in 2016?

For leisure or for work, these are the most visited cities in the world that can afford to receive millions of tourists per year! Check out if your city is listed in our rank of Top 10 Most Visited Cities in 2016!

#10. Seoul, South Korea – 10.20 million international visitors



#9.  Tokyo, Japan – 11.70 million international visitors



#8 . Istanbul, Turkey – 11.95 million international visitors


#7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 12.02 million international visitors



#6. Singapore – 12.11 million international visitors


#5. New York City, USA – 12.75 million international visitors


#4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 15.27 million international visitors


#3. Paris, France – 18.03 million international visitors


#2 London, England – 19.88 million international visitors


#1. Bangkok, Thailand – 21.47 million international visitors


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The creation of the video page on our Luxwing website will give you a deeper understanding of our work and passion that we put into it. We love to involve you in what we do daily, because trust is essential when flying. We want to build it by showing you our expertise, professionalism and flexibility, every day, every time we take off.

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Check Out 10 Interesting Facts About Private Jets



1. Overall, 11,261 private jets were registered for use in the United States and 7,997 in the rest of the world.

2. The US makes up 49.7% of the world market for private jets with Europe following at 20.8%; Asia Pacific 11.8%; Latin and South America 11.6%; Africa and the Middle East: 6.1%.

3. The biggest event for private jet travel is the Super Bowl.

4. in 2012 over 259,000 private takeoffs and landings occurred at Van Nuys Airport, making it the busiest general aviation airport in the world.

5. The most popular model of private jet in the U.S. is the Cessna Citation Excel, also referred to as XLS+ and Citation XLS.

6. The world’s most expensive private jet is an Airbus A380 owned by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, with a price tag of $500 million.

7. Different celebrities own their own private jets including Tyler Perry, John Travolta, Donald Trump, Ralph Lauren, and Tiger Woods.

8. About 30% of existing private jet owners expect to buy a new jet in five years time. In the next 10 years, more than 10,000 business jets will be sold out at a cumulative cost of $250 billion.

9. The fastest civil airplane in the world the Citation X will climb up to 51,000 feet and cruise at incredible speeds of up to Mach 0.935.

10. Bombardier’s Global 8000, one of the longest range private jets on the market, can go 7,900 nautical miles on a single tank of gas, flying at Mach 0.85 with 8 passengers. With a fuel capacity of 48,950 lbs, it costs approximately $53,000 to fill the tank.

Luxwing premia i vincitori del “Campionato Italiano di Vela”.


Luxwing è una compagnia dinamica, pronta sempre a stringere partnership importanti per creare sinergie a lungo termine. Tutti questi accordi, sono sempre realizzati con un occhio strategico basato sul credo e la direzione che Luxwing ha fissato tramite i propri obiettivi.

Lavorando insieme alle associazioni veliche siciliane, Luxwing ha voluto creare un filo conduttore tra il cielo ed il mare, tra il volo e la navigazione. Questi due settori così opposti ma anche così vicini, in futuro, potranno fornire delle fondamenta solide per lo sviluppo dell’economia locale. Perciò, sviluppando maggiormente la reputazione internazionale di quest’evento, sarà possibile di conseguenza, aumentare il turismo sportivo affiliato a questa competizione.

Come tale, Luxwing è tra i main sponsor del ‘Campionato Italiano di Vela d’Altura’ insieme ad altre aziende del territorio siciliano, creando una sinergia che ha portato bellissime emozioni in queste ultime settimane all’insegna dello sport e del mare.


Continua a seguirci per più aggiornamenti, direttamente sul sito web e social!





Welcome to our new website!


Luxwing has renovated its presence online with a new and easier to navigate website. Now, you can easily find the right solution for your next trip. Our new website it’s very intuitive and moreover many new features will be available to you for a much better experience with Luxwing.

You can now browse and discover all our personalized services as well as the latest jets in our fleet. Find the pictures of our aircrafts and their interiors and choose which one is the most suitable for your comfort and needs. Through our ‘Need a Quote?’ form, you will be able to easily get in touch to let us know what your plans are! If you just want to ask us a quick question, you can write to us in real time on our new Online Chat in which a member of our customer support will always be available to answer any of your queries.

Luxwing is continuously working to deliver an extraordinary service to all of our clients in each and every aspect of what we do, from the first contact to the end of your trip. We work for our clients wellbeing by building trust and constantly increasing our transparency providing our passengers with all the information that are important for their comfort and happiness.

Sit back relax and enjoy your experience with us!

Luxwing Team

Luxwing Campione Nazionale 2016

Luxwing Campione Nazionale Ionio-Basso Tirreno 2016 con Alvarosky



A giugno si è conclusa la manifestazione velica dei borghi più belli d’Italia contenitore del Campionato Nazionale Ionio-Basso Tirreno e del Campionato Costiero organizzati dal Vela Club Cefalù e dalla Lega Navale Italiana Sezione Palermo Centro che si sono svolti a Cefalù.

Il team Alvarosky di Francesco Siculiana corre con i colori del centro velico siciliano. È stato un grande onore, per Luxwing, partecipare in questa bellissima manifestazione che non solo dà emozioni importanti, ma è anche un’occasione per confermare il forte interesse dietro al mondo della vela.

Luxwing come main sponsor del Team Alvarosky vorrebbe ringraziare Francesco Siculiana per il grande successo ottenuto e rinnovargli il nostro in bocca al lupo per la qualifiche per il Campionato Italiano Assoluto che al momento si stanno disputando a Palermo in questi giorni di Luglio.