Haunted castle on Halloween: plan your private flight for a family trip

haunted castle in England

Visit an haunted castle on Halloween night is one of the most exciting activities to organize with your family. It breaks the routine and gives children a really scary story to tell their friends when they get home.

If you want to spend an unforgettable night with your family in the name of strong emotions there is nothing better than a visit to one of the many haunted castles on Halloween night!

England it’s the best destination because is really rich in ancient and suggestive castles to visit on Halloween. Below are some examples!

The list of haunted castles to visit on Halloween night

Carlise Castle, Cumbria – North West of England

Carlise Castle in Cumbria it’s one of the most famous haunted castles of England. It is over 900 years old and its construction dates back to the reign of William II of England. Its tower and its dungeons are the protagonists of very scary stories. Just think that: in 1819 a group of workers discovered the human skeletons inside the tower walls.

Castles in South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire is one of the richest areas of ruins and castles and this is one of the favorite destinations for those who enjoy visiting a haunted castle on Halloween night. Conisbrough Castle it’s a perfect destination. It seems that many visitors have sensed a strange wind blowing around them while visiting the keep of this beautiful castle.

Dover Castle – Kent

Dover Castle is the largest castle in England. It was built during the eleventh century and has always been classified as the “Key of England” because of its strategic position and the important defensive role it has played over the centuries. Visit it with your family the night of Halloween will give you intense emotions thanks to its dark tunnels, its high towers and its beautiful views.

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