Why booking a private charter jet for the FIFA World Cup is a good idea

The reasons for a correct choice

Luxwing can arrange a private flight that will get you wherever you want to go. We can take you to airports near a historic arena in Moscow, near a brand new arena on an island in Kaliningrad or to any of the other stadiums scattered throughout the country.

Luxwing is ready for the next big sporting event of the year: the FIFA World Cup in Russia.  Getting there on a commercial airline might be a pain. Delays, cancellations and bad weather can prevent you from getting the most important match of year.

File:Moscow- Hotel Ukraine (36892890532).jpgPrivate aviation, grants you with the possibility to arrive just hours before your game of interest, landing at a hustle-free private terminal. And after the match, the same jet will be waiting for you to take you and your acquaintances to the next venue on the schedule.

The opportunity to visit Russia and experience its truly unique culture is just one reason why so many business travelers are heading to this year’s FIFA World Cup.

From the bustling metropolis that is Moscow to the classical elegance of St. Petersburg and the charm of smaller cities like Samara and Sochi, this year’s FIFA host cities offers a whole world of football, sightseeing and culture.

The only challenge when it comes to enjoying this year’s World Cup to the fullest, is getting from city to city quickly and comfortably.

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