5 Best Halloween Festivals in Europe to visit on 31 October

halloween fastivals in europe

You do not need to go to the USA to celebrate Halloween. In fact, there are many Halloween festivals organized throughout Europe to visit during the scariest night of the year. If you are planning a trip with your family on October 31, prepare to live strong emotions!

We have selected the 5 best European destinations in which to spend the night of Halloween full of fun and strong emotions.

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Halloween Festivals in Europe: 5 best destination for your trip

# 1 London – England

The beautiful English capital have a long and bloody history and it’s full of ancient buildings, scary alleyways, dark corners. It is here that the legend of the famous serial killer Jack The Ripper was born. For these reasons, London has always been considered one of the most famous haunted cities in Europe.

Why should you visit London on October 31st? You should visit it to participate in the beautiful masked parades that are organized through the streets of the city!

# 2 Transylvania – Romania

What better travel destination for the Halloween night of the city that according to ancient legends gave birth to Dracula? Transylvania is one of the best European destinations for October 31st.

You will have the opportunity to participate in the numerous Halloween Festivals organized on the streets of the city and, moreover, to visit even the Bran Castle, the famous Dracula’s Castle.

# 3 Edinburgh – Scotland

Often we forget that Halloween originates from ancient pagan festivals and in particular from the festival of Samhain, of Celtic origin. This festival is still celebrated in Edinburgh during the scariest night of the year: October 31st.

In facts, this is why one of the best tourist destinations for Halloween is Edinburgh with its beautiful castle and its dark old streets.

# 4 Barcelona – Spain

What a beautiful city is Barcelona with its international charm, its splendid monuments and its culinary delicacies! Few know, however, that it is also one of the favorite Halloween destinations for tourists.

On 31 October, in fact, one of the most exciting Halloween Festival comes to life, the “Dia de los Muertos” inspired by the famous Mexican festival. Why not participate in this scary masquerade parade?

# 5 Prague – Czech Republic

If you want to take part in an exciting and unforgettable Halloween Festival, you can not miss Prague. In the most spectral night of the year this beautiful city is transformed because is preparing to host one of the most beautiful Halloween festivals.

If you want an unforgettable trip, we recommend a visit to the Old Jewish Cemetery and moreover the Sedlec Ossuary.

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