Month: August 2018

Ryder Cup 2018

Ryder Cup 2018: for the first time in France

Are you a golf enthusiast? Do world competitions fascinate you? Does the idea of ​​participating in a similar event excite you? Would you like to visit France? Would you like to visit France with a great excuse?

Luxwing has the solution for you.

Luxwing has all the solutions you are looking for.

The Ryder Cup is the most anticipated and most followed golf competition in the world and this year for the first time held in France at the Golf National de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

From September 28, the whole world will follow the famous competition, why miss the chance to watch live?

The camp is located near Paris and is one of the few in Europe with a capacity of about 80,000 people.

Third on the podium after the World Cup and the Olympic Games, the Ryder Cup takes place every two years and provides for the competition of two teams, one European and one American.

The two stages provide a match in Europe and one in the United States. Three days, marked by golf and great emotions, some of the biggest names in this sport have participated, from Tiger Woods to Severiano Ballesteros, from Sergio Gracia to Phil Mickelson.

If you can’t wait to participate in this unmissable event do not waste time organizing your trip, let’s think of everything!

Luxwing offers private flights, support at all stages of your journey and a precise and meticulous organization. Maybe after participating in the first French leg you will want to fly to the United States to continue to follow the competition, even in that case Luxwing will be your faithful friend.

Do not miss the opportunity, block your flight in comfort and relaxation.

fly lux

Fly lux. With Luxwing you will have the best comfort

The world is waiting for you. Do you want to attend a concert? Do you want to drink under the Eiffel tour? Do you want to take part in a safari in Africa? Do you want to eat the legendary Italian spaghetti? Taking a plane has never been so easy, you will leave serene and relaxed and every aspect of your holiday will be studied in detail by a personal concierge.

Quality flights, luxury flights, flights in the best comfort and maximum flexibility. These are just some of the features we offer, our customers know it, we are always attentive to your requests and ready to meet your needs.

Flying with us is a pleasure, from the planning of the journey to the flight Luxwing ensures Jet Executive 24 hours on 24 and as if it were not enough air taxi services for every day of the year.

A member of our staff will follow you step by step and will assist you for every aspect of your journey, from the conception to the choice of flight, from the personalization of the journey to the arrival at the destination.

Personalization will take place on the basis of your desires, because for Luxwing what you desire is the most important thing.

Are you ready to pack up?

JetClub Card

JetClub Card: a dedicated service for loyal customers

Turning the world is a luxury that few can afford, Luxwing allows you to see every part of the globe in maximum comfort and in compliance with all your needs.

Our loyal customers know that the services we offer are of quality, respond to the demands of our customers and take into account all eventualities.

The JetCluc Card is an additional service for loyal customers

The JetClub Card is an additional service, offered in a special way to our most loyal customers who want to leave at any time, always having their own personal jet at their disposal.

With our JetClub Card, our special card, you can access prepaid packages, the “Flight Hour”, which will allow you to avoid the hassles of renting a plane, but that will always guarantee the availability of a personal jet.

The most convenient way to travel always at your disposal

The world is rich in cultures, spectacular landscapes and enchanting places. Why lose the smallest piece of the world?

Comfort and relaxation should be the basis of your travels and this is possible with us. Our packages are modular and offer personalized timetables modified and established by your preferences.

You must think about your needs

The care of your needs is the starting point for an ideal flight and journey. An airplane will always be available and you will always have the possibility to update or block the previously chosen jet.

You lead the choice, you choose the best. Being a Luxwing customer guarantees quality and comfort, being a loyal Luxwing customer will guarantee you the luxury of leaving when you want and how you want.

The services available are many, from pre-departure to planning the places to visit Luxwing will follow you step by step. Because traveling is a pleasure and not a complication.

Fly safely

Fly safely! Choose Luxwing for your travels around the world

Luxwing is a guarantee of great travel, excellent organization and planning.

The best thing you will notice is the lack of stress, we think about everything.

Our staff is made up of great aeronautical professionals with a lot of experience that offer complete services of private business jet.

We think of everything

Our services take care of many aspects, from security to technical assistance, from customer service to travel planning.

All the solutions we offer our customers comply with and protect all the regulatory requirements of the EU OPS-1.

Our sales staff will take care of all your interests. If you wish, you will constantly and actively promote your third-party charter flight aircraft so that you can earn something from your private plane even when you are not using it. You can reduce fixed costs thanks to the initiatives of the sales staff.

Your aircraft, if you wish, will remain private but can support flight operations, planning and management, maintenance, planning and training of the crew.

All you have to do is enjoy your trip without unnecessary stress and in total relax.

Luxwing organizes

Luxwing organizes your transports and transfers

Traveling around the world has never been so easy. A private jet will allow you to get to any part of the globe avoiding the usual airport crowding.

Our services will guarantee you a relaxing holiday, without wasting time planning and organizing transport stages and services.

Transfers and transports

Transfers and transports with Luxwing will already be perfectly organized, our logistics service will plan every phase of your journey, from the moment you leave the house to the one you will return to after your holiday.

You do not have to organize everything in advance, or make a thousand calls to decide which is the best move or the means to take.

You choose a destination

Traveling with us will make you feel good, customer relax and travel planning from every point of view are our primary goals. Your every request will be satisfied, you can choose to request a personal concierge that will also take care of the stages to visit, nightlife and daytime and to meet all your needs.

Luxwing offers a quality product that focuses heavily on the client’s wishes and on providing dream vacations.

You just have to choose a destination, we’ll take care of the rest!

a personal concierge

A personal concierge: it will be your best friend before and during your trip

Do you want to leave but the idea of ​​planning the whole trip makes you nervous? Not sure how to search for the best tourist spots? Would you like to live well in the city but do not know where to start? Nightlife fascinates you but you don’t know what the best places are?

Luxwing solves all your problems.

Parties relaxed, happy parties, share knowing that everything is programmed and you have not stressed too much in programming. What is a trip if not the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind?

Luxwing provides you with a personal concierge.

What is a personal concierge? It will be your best friend before and during your trip.

Your personal concierge will be very well prepared on all the worldly and tourist areas of your destination, maximum expert, events, attractions and beautiful places to visit.

It will not only provide you with a complete list of unmissable places but will study the perfect program for you, based on your tastes, your preferences and your needs.

Your every request will be met with the utmost attention to detail, from the small requests of every day to the strangest and most incredible demands. Traveling with us is an experience that will change your life and after having tried, you can hardly do without us.

The personal concierge is an additional service that allows you to enjoy your holiday without missing out on numerous requests and waste of time. Especially before you leave, you will not have to spend your time deciding what schedule to follow, your personal concierge will take care of everything for you.

What are you waiting for? A dream opportunity awaits you.

the pope visit dublin

The Pope visits Dublin on August 25th and 26th: Ireland hosts the world meeting of families

An unmissable opportunity for lovers of travel and for all the faithful who can obtain plenary indulgence.

The ninth edition of the world gathering of families will take place this year in Dublin on 25th and 26th August, and after 40 years the Pope will return to Ireland. The family festival is a concert during which families from every continent will discuss their life, their experiences and the importance of faith and family. The event will be held in Croke Park where the Pope will celebrate an outdoor mass.

The Pope will grant the plenary indulgence

During the meeting the Pope will grant the plenary indulgence to the participants, an appointment that many expect with trepidation.

The events related to the 2018 international family meeting will take place almost entirely at the Royal Dublin Society, a famous venue for conferences at Croke Park Stadium in Phoenix Park. All the other events and the reception of hundreds and hundreds of families will be hosted in places near Dublin. To participate in individual official events, tickets will need to be purchased.

What are you waiting for?

Thousands of families and individual travelers are ready to land in Ireland for this unrepeatable event. Elderly, young people and children are waiting the 25th of August to see the Pope and to visit the splendid scenery of Ireland. And you? What are you waiting for?

Our private flights can take you anywhere you want. If you are a faithful and have never seen Ireland, or if you have already seen it and have never forgotten it, plan your holiday for you and your family.

Thousands of families are waiting for you in Dublin to share values ​​and experiences.


fly to croatia

Fly to Croatia to attend the Sonus Festival. From 19th to 23th August at Zrcè beach

Fly to Croatia immediately, 5 days and 5 nights of unforgettable parties await you.

For the sixth edition in succession, the Sonus Festival returns and this year will host many artists including Lens, Charlotte de Witte, Jackmaster, Joseph Capriati, Marco Carola, Nicolas Lutz, Peggy Gou, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler, Solomun and German disc jockey Sven Väth.

Zrce Beach, the marvelous beach on the Croatian island of Pag, will once again be the setting for the five days of music. A unique experience that will combine your music with a holiday in one place dreamy.

International music figures will be present

The program is already available and even the latest artists have been confirmed, international figures such as Adam Beyer, Jamie Jones, Joseph Capriati, Maceo Plex, Marco Carola, Pan-Pot, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Solomun and Sven Väth, Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte and Nastia will be present to accompany you in this unmissable musical experience.

Fly to Croatia if you love techno music

If you love techno music and house music plan your trip, a private flight could take you to destinations with every comfort.

Tickets are already available online on the event website. Not far from the coast adriatic you will participate in crazy parties and after in the pool, every year the island attracts thousands of guys, techno and house music lovers but also fun.

The organization is the same one that every year programs the Time Warp, the famous festival of techno music, so be prepared for fun, you will not be disappointed.