Month: September 2017

First time Flying Private? Here’s what to expect!

Whether you’re being taken by a friend or have finally made the leap from commercial travel to private aviation – Welcome, the grass is rightfully greener over here. But, if you’ve never flown private before there are a few bad habits that we’ll have to break first to allow to enjoy to your luxury travel as much as possible!

When to arrive

Firstly, and most importantly, don’t arrive early! This seems to be difficult for some of our customers to understand due to years of being social conditioned to turn up at the airport two hours before, but with private travel it’s much more relaxed. 15-30 minutes is more than enough for a brief security check and a glass of champagne before the plane is in the air. This is in fact one of the most popular reasons that people come back to private aviation again and again. Once you’ve experienced door to door travel without waiting, it’s hard to go back!

Tailored to your needs

But what happens if you’re running late? Well the beautiful thing about private travel is that the timetable revolves around you! Just give us a 30 second call and we can completely change our plans to better suit your timing and even destination! A day round trip to, for example, Milan would be difficult without private aviation due to the number of hours spent waiting in airports and negotiating security, on top of that you must abide by a pre-determined airline schedule. Flying with Luxwing allows you to spend a relaxed day in a new city and then have the plane waiting for when you’re ready to go home.

Your Favourite Meal at 41,000ft

Once in the air, you’re welcome to make yourself at home and do what you want. We’ve put everything there for you so if you see some snacks or drinks that you fancy tucking into, don’t worry about asking – go right ahead! You’re also welcome to venture into the cockpit where you can chat with your pilots and find out what’s going on. Something which once again is impossible on commercial travel.

Anything is possible on a private flight, but some things need to be pre-arranged. If you have any dietary requirements or just fancy sushi for lunch, then let us know! There is little that we can’t do for you and if you give us adequate notice we can make sure that bespoke meals and entertainment are catered for once you step foot onto your plane.

Private Transfer to your final destination

Lastly, when you fly with Luxwing the service doesn’t end when you reach your destination. We are able to offer tons of information about your destination to make sure that you have the most pleasurable trip possible. We also offer chauffeur driven transfers to your destination, so that you don’t have to worry about anything when flying with us apart from enjoying your trip.

Book now your first private charter!

If you’re interested in experiencing for yourself the differences between private and commercial aviation, make sure you give Luxwing a call. Our private flight packages leave commercial travel in the dust, and may not be as expensive as you think if you check out our empty legs page. Give us a call or contact us through our website to find out what you’ve been missing out on.

Charter a jet for your September meetings? Check out our Business Empty Legs

We have recently published an article with recommendations on the best events that you should visit around Europe this month, and because the summer holidays have come to an end and everyone is getting back into work, we included over 20 business conferences and trade exhibitions, helping to give you a little push getting back into the office. What’s better is that Luxwing are offering tons of discounted flights to major locations across the world, including London, Paris, Geneva and many, many more, making those after summer international meetings just a little bit easier!

How does it work? The empty legs programme gives our clients discounts up to 70% on pre-determined routes, using planes which would otherwise be empty. Our huge list of empty leg flights can be seen on our empty legs page, which is updated daily!

There is a lot of choice and the list keeps growing and changing, but if you don’t see exactly what you need, make sure to give us a call, as some routes are flexible and we may be able to give you information on soon to be added flights which aren’t online yet!

Of course, we guarantee our empty leg flights come with the same quality and professional, luxury service as our regular flights. The only difference is huge discounts for our customers. So if you’re planning an upcoming business trip check out our empty legs page to see if you can save money on identical flights, then give us a call for more information and pricing. We also created this video containing more information about the empty legs programme, and if you still have questions, you can chat with us directly though our website! Contact us now to see how much you could save!

MEBAA International Aviation Show is coming next week in Marrakech, Morocco!

As the title suggests next week we’ve got one of our favourite events coming up! The Middle East & North Africa Business Aviation association is going to be held on the 12th – 13th of September and we couldn’t be more excited to hear all of the upcoming trends from airlines, suppliers and experts in the field.

The Middle East and North Africa is an extremely fast growing market, with North Africa’s business aircraft fleet in particular growing at twice the rate of the global average! And as Morocco has become the most active market, containing 50% of north African aircraft movements with 15-20% annual growth, it the ideal place to hold this year’s conference!

The event is expected to attract upwards of 2,500 visitors made up of enthusiasts and professionals with the hopes of facilitating face to face meetings between: customers, manufacturers, interior suppliers, maintenance companies, and professionals from all specialisations in the industry. There are 65 companies exhibiting on the day including global suppliers like 3M, Jet Aviation, Aeroshell, Gulfstream and Boeing to name a few.

This all makes it the perfect place for a bit of industry related networking helping you explore the newest trends in the Middle Eastern and North African market, including a keynote presentation on Morocco’s business aviation airport project.

Although this will be the second year that the event has been held in Morocco, this year it will be in a brand new location. Menara airport is only 6km from the city centre facilitating easy access to and from the beautiful city’s luxury hotels. If you haven’t visited the city before, the trip is certainly worth it.

Of course, as with all events, make sure to give Luxwing a call to arrange your private door to door travel, to the event. We can act as your personal concierge offering tips on this beautiful city, whilst setting up private chauffeurs to and from your accommodation. Stay tuned next week to see all the events on offer this September, and if you’re interested in hearing more about the beautiful city of Marrakech, why not let us know through one of our social media channels and perhaps we’ll write a dedicated article on how to enjoy this beautiful city in premium luxury!