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Wings of the future: the Eurasian Air Transport Forum is back.


On the 1st and 2nd of November Wings of the Future, the 14th annual Eurasian Air Transport Forum, will be held in Moscow, Russia. The Eurasian air transport industry is about to reach a new height, and this event will discuss changes that technological advancements are having on the industry as a whole, including: the search for new renewable fuels; the impact factors such as globalisation, foreign politics and labour will have on the Eurasian market and how this will effect international operations.

The two-day event will be split into 4 main categories: The future of aviation on the whole, the future of aircrafts, the future of low-cost companies and the interaction that airlines have with airports.

Wings of the Future is set to play host to the exciting line-up of industry leading, key guest speakers shown below. If you’d like to see the full program for the event, please click here.

  • Armin Staigis – Vice President – German Federal Academy for Security Policy
  • Antoine Gelain –Managing Partner – Paragon European Partners
  • Neil Harris –Vice President R&T Business Development & Partnerships – Airbus
  • Max Nilov –Regional Marketing Director – Boeing Commercial Aircraft
  • Sergey Koltovich –CEO – Horizon Bizjet Leasing
  • Vadim Besperstov – Head of Airline IT Sales and Account Management, Russia, CIS and Israel – Amadeus
  • Svend Leirvaag –Vice President Industry Affairs – Amadeus
  • Giorgio Callegari –Senior Vice President for Strategy & Alliances – Aeroflot, Russian Airlines
  • Kirill Budaev –Vice-President Marketing & Sales – Irkut Corporation
  • Arjan Meijer –Vice President Commercial Aviation, Europe, Middle East, Russia and Central Asia – Embraer
  • Mark Gilbert,Director of Business Development and Sales, Russia and the CIS –Bombardier
  • Andrew Pyne –ex-CEO – Cobalt Air & Sr.Partner – Concuros
  • Scott Holland –Marketing Director – Rolls-Royce
  • Yuriy Kurganov – Partner, Senior Expert, Airlines and Aerospace & Defense Practice –Bain & Company

The action packed conference will host over 350 people, the majority of whom are made up of industry CEOs and directors predominantly working with airlines, airports or in the aircraft industry. Luxwing will of course keep you updated with the insights gained from the event, and make sure to check back here for other industry related news!


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For leisure or for work, these are the most visited cities in the world that can afford to receive millions of tourists per year! Check out if your city is listed in our rank of Top 10 Most Visited Cities in 2016!

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#8 . Istanbul, Turkey – 11.95 million international visitors


#7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 12.02 million international visitors



#6. Singapore – 12.11 million international visitors


#5. New York City, USA – 12.75 million international visitors


#4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 15.27 million international visitors


#3. Paris, France – 18.03 million international visitors


#2 London, England – 19.88 million international visitors


#1. Bangkok, Thailand – 21.47 million international visitors


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The creation of the video page on our Luxwing website will give you a deeper understanding of our work and passion that we put into it. We love to involve you in what we do daily, because trust is essential when flying. We want to build it by showing you our expertise, professionalism and flexibility, every day, every time we take off.

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