MEBAA International Aviation Show is coming next week in Marrakech, Morocco!

As the title suggests next week we’ve got one of our favourite events coming up! The Middle East & North Africa Business Aviation association is going to be held on the 12th – 13th of September and we couldn’t be more excited to hear all of the upcoming trends from airlines, suppliers and experts in the field.

The Middle East and North Africa is an extremely fast growing market, with North Africa’s business aircraft fleet in particular growing at twice the rate of the global average! And as Morocco has become the most active market, containing 50% of north African aircraft movements with 15-20% annual growth, it the ideal place to hold this year’s conference!

The event is expected to attract upwards of 2,500 visitors made up of enthusiasts and professionals with the hopes of facilitating face to face meetings between: customers, manufacturers, interior suppliers, maintenance companies, and professionals from all specialisations in the industry. There are 65 companies exhibiting on the day including global suppliers like 3M, Jet Aviation, Aeroshell, Gulfstream and Boeing to name a few.

This all makes it the perfect place for a bit of industry related networking helping you explore the newest trends in the Middle Eastern and North African market, including a keynote presentation on Morocco’s business aviation airport project.

Although this will be the second year that the event has been held in Morocco, this year it will be in a brand new location. Menara airport is only 6km from the city centre facilitating easy access to and from the beautiful city’s luxury hotels. If you haven’t visited the city before, the trip is certainly worth it.

Of course, as with all events, make sure to give Luxwing a call to arrange your private door to door travel, to the event. We can act as your personal concierge offering tips on this beautiful city, whilst setting up private chauffeurs to and from your accommodation. Stay tuned next week to see all the events on offer this September, and if you’re interested in hearing more about the beautiful city of Marrakech, why not let us know through one of our social media channels and perhaps we’ll write a dedicated article on how to enjoy this beautiful city in premium luxury!


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